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    Hello. I have a product called e.q station and  port ch1 to ch6 do not boot it up. But the ch7 and ch8 is booting up. What should I do to boot ch1 to ch6 as normal?

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    • Pigpang
      PedroRodrigues Hi, Pigpang, thank you for your post, to recall a Channel you must press to initiate Recall operations. EQ station operates with both individual Channel presets and global Scene presets.
      You should also check the Channel presets where all information for a full channel setup is stored.
      By default, a preset folder is created in the folder where the Editor is installed.
      The default installation folder is: C:/Program Files/TC Electronic/EQ Station However, presets folders can be created on any location on your hard disk.
      Please also consider that System parameters are not stored with presets.
      These parameters can be stored by performing a System backup.
      The System backup feature is accessed via the Setup page.
      If this does not work I would suggest performing a System Reset.
      To set your unit to default settings please Press OK and confirm to recall factory default settings.
      Parameters in the Network and Device menu are NOT recalled/reset and presets are also kept.
      Thank you
      • November 8, 2021
    • Pigpang

      Thank you for you to replying me.
      However I can not connect the PC and EQ station. Is anything I hove to install beside EQ station v2.30?

      • November 13, 2021
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    Hi all

    Does anyone know the polarity of the ext. power?

    I have a generic power supply but I don't know if positive is in the center or not; living in italy is very diffult ti find an original one


    Many thanx



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    • Adrione61
      Adrione61 oh, damned T9 ....
      • November 23, 2020
    • Adrione61
      RexBeckett Hi Adriano, the power connector is a 3.5mm TS jack with tip positive. It will work with a supply of 8-32 Volts dc at very low current. Use 24-32V if you want to run it at pro signal levels (max 14dBm).
      • November 23, 2020