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  • 2020-06-20
    I own both a Feedback Destroyer 1100 and 1124 and i can not get the software editor to work on windows 10. Is there any advice to get it working?
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    • Connor Moroney
      Alexander Lane These are fairly older legacy products, so probably have not been updated for windows 10. Tricky one to support, but have you tried running in compatibility mode maybe?
      • Jun 23
      • Feedback Destroyer DSP1100/1124 Software Win 10
        Alexander Lane Hi there, as far as I'm aware there is no software editor for the FX2000 I'm afraid!
        • Jul 17
      • Feedback Destroyer DSP1100/1124 Software Win 10
        Connor Moroney That's ridiculous. such an advanced unit like this should have a editor that allows fine control over the different parameters. Is there a way to request that one be made?
        • Jul 17