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    We have a problem with our Helix system controller. We have been trying so solve a problem with a fold back speaker and explored all aspects of the sound system. We noticed that the screen on the controller was showing gobbledygook and the unit was very warm. We turned it off but now there is clearly a fault and the screen flashes and there is a hi frequency clicking sound.

    Has any one had a similar experience? Has the power unit failed or is it something more sinister?

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    • Birdt22
      Nigel67 Hi Birdt22. This could be a number of things, one of them being the switchmode power supply. These units are getting quite old now and there is a good chance that the electrolytic capacitors in the psu have dried out. You will need an electronic technician to open the unit and measure the psu voltages and then identify where the clicking is coming from - possibly being caused by a voltage being bad.
      • Jul 28
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    Hi has anyone tested a dm8000 with a barco clickshare cx50?


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    • peterashley
      PedroRodrigues Hi Peter, please be aware that we advise the implementation of the DM8000 must be done via the physical connections available on the unit. Effectively we have never tested the unit with that wireless solution but we do not advise any other implementation other than the one present on the manual for this unit. Thank you
      • January 13, 2021