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  • 2020-08-18

    Hello, I cannot seem to get my Clarity M Stereo to sync over AES. I have gotten to work as a plug-in wiht ProTools at all sample rates, but it just refuses to sync with my SSL L300. The Sync Lock Flashes Red and Green, and in the system menu it says 44.1kHz when it flashes green. It does not seem to detect audio. My L300 is clocked at 96kHz, and I just don't know what to do!

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    • Ryan Anderson
      Kyle Johnson Hi there, Kyle here with Music Tribe. A couple of things to check here. 1. How long is the cable you are using, at 96k the cable length can become an issue. Also make sure it is 1 direct connection from the output of your L300 to the Adapter>D-SUB. 2. Are you able to clock your L300 at 48k and see if you get Sync that way? 3. Have you tested with different cables and adapters? 4. In the SYS menu, make sure USB Mode is set to Disk Drive and the Input setting is set to AES1.
      • Aug 18
      • Clarity M Stereo Not Syncing over AES
        Ryan Anderson Hey Kyle! 1) I am using the breakout cable with the provided BNC to XLR adapter straight into the console's AES 1/2 output. 2) I am not able to switch to 48K because of the setup 3) I don't have any other cables or adapters. 4) It is definitely set to AES1 and Disk Drive
        • Aug 18
      • Clarity M Stereo Not Syncing over AES
        Kyle Johnson That is unusual. Okay. Can you please submit a Tech support ticket by clicking the Support button at the top of the page? It will be easier to troubleshoot this via email. Please submit a case and write ATTN: Kyle in the subject or description line so that it gets to me asap.
        • Aug 18
      • Clarity M Stereo Not Syncing over AES
        Ryan Anderson Cool, I submitted one now! I appreciate the help and quick responses.
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        • Aug 18
  • 2020-07-02
    Hi, I need a support ticket for the above-mentioned, TC Waterfall Logo starting to act again.
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    • rejjieb
      Nigel Turner Hi Rejjie, please go to the Support Tab at the top of the page and submit a support ticket through there. many thanks
      • Jul 3