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    My TV station needs some Loudness Management pieces of equipment to handle audio according to R128.
    I thought of TC Electronic Loudness Pilot. However Canford Audio states (January 2022) this is no longer manufactured. Can anyone confirm this? Could you suggest some alternatives?

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    • Decebal
      PedroRodrigues Hi Decebal Thank you for your post, effectively this unit is being slowly discontinued but I believe you will find some of our Partners with stock for the TC Electronic Loudness Pilot or even for the TC Electronic DB6 that could also be a good fit, please follow the link to access our partners list: Thank you
      • Feb 2
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    I just bought 01 set of TC DB 6 Single, but the output connection has no signal. Please help me handle this
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    • nbtien2003
      PedroRodrigues Hi nbtien2003,thank you for your post, regarding your question can you please confirm that you have set up the SDI OUTPUT at 48 kHz sample rate and 24 bit resolution.
      Please also confirm if you have activated the Advanced SDI Mode section of the I/O SDI, to diagnose a potential problem, DB6 offers a diagnostic mode, to activate diagnostic mode, set the Clock Mode parameter to Diagnostic.
      In Diagnostic mode, the DB6 will disregard the audio clock information included in the audio packets in the SDI stream and de-embed the audio based on the video clock only.
      Please use the Audio Out Groups parameter to define if and how the group assignment of the processed audio signals should be changed.
      The processed audio signals will be assigned to the same audio channel groups at the SDI output that were selected using the Audio Groups selector.
      This is the default setting which is also used when Advanced SDI mode has not been activated.
      The processed audio signals will be assigned to the selected audio channel groups at the SDI output.
      If you are using this parameter to reassign audio channels to other groups, make sure that you are processing the right audio groups downstream.
      The Rate Detect Mode parameter is used to specify how DB6 should behave when receiving SD, HD and 3G signals. By narrowing the range of formats acceptable to the DB6, lock-up time may be optimized.
      If you set the Rate Detect Mode parameter to Automatic, DB6 will accept all SDI formats: SD, HD and 3G. This is the default setting which is also used when Advanced SDI mode has not been activated.
      Please consider that once you set the Rate Detect Mode parameter to SD, DB6 will only accept the SD format and not consider locking to HD or 3G signals, resulting in optimal lock-up time for SD signals. I hope this helps
      • Jan 20
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    Hi! i'm working with a loudness pilot 3xSDI which has been connected in my abscence. As i was reading the manual to learn how to use it i realized the "alert" led in the front panel is turned off, which means there's no computer or hardware connected with icon software, BUT the "signal" led is green, which means audio is being received and processed by Loudness Pilot. Is Loudness Pilot doing any process if no configuration has been made with software? is it possible? Or the signal led is just indicating audio is being received but Loudness pilot is not applying any correction?

    I hope someone understands my question haha


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    • Paton90
      PedroRodrigues Hi Paton90, thank you for your post, if the Signal LED is Green even if the Alert Led is off the unit will be able to detect at the input stage any audio signal above -70dBFS.
      Nevertheless, in some cases when the Alert LEDs is off, this may indicate problems within the signal being processed. Thank you
      • Jan 18
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    Hi everyone! I have a DB-8 MKII mainframe with the following SW versions:
    • TC Icon SW: 8.4.00
    • Frame SW: 3.40
    • DSP SW: 3.40
    • Ethernet SW: 8.10
    • AES8 SW: 1.31

    I have 2 requests:

    1. Where can I download the latest versions of Frame, Net (Ethernet) and DSP software? Or could someone send them to me? I need those files because I also have other DB8 MKII mainframes with older versions that i would like to upgrade.
    2. How can I view the list of all the licenses that are present in the device?

    Thanks :)

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    • servizitecnici
      KyleJohnson HI Lauro, Kyle here with Music Tribe Support. I think we can help you with both of these inquiries. Please submit a Technical Support ticket by clicking on Support at the top of the page, scroll down and select Technical Support.
      • October 30, 2020
  • killerguitar386
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    Hello, I cannot seem to get my Clarity M Stereo to sync over AES. I have gotten to work as a plug-in wiht ProTools at all sample rates, but it just refuses to sync with my SSL L300. The Sync Lock Flashes Red and Green, and in the system menu it says 44.1kHz when it flashes green. It does not seem to detect audio. My L300 is clocked at 96kHz, and I just don't know what to do!

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    • killerguitar386
      KyleJohnson Hi there, Kyle here with Music Tribe. A couple of things to check here. 1. How long is the cable you are using, at 96k the cable length can become an issue. Also make sure it is 1 direct connection from the output of your L300 to the Adapter>D-SUB. 2. Are you able to clock your L300 at 48k and see if you get Sync that way? 3. Have you tested with different cables and adapters? 4. In the SYS menu, make sure USB Mode is set to Disk Drive and the Input setting is set to AES1.
      • August 18, 2020
      • Clarity M Stereo Not Syncing over AES
        killerguitar386 Hey Kyle! 1) I am using the breakout cable with the provided BNC to XLR adapter straight into the console's AES 1/2 output. 2) I am not able to switch to 48K because of the setup 3) I don't have any other cables or adapters. 4) It is definitely set to AES1 and Disk Drive
        • August 18, 2020
      • Clarity M Stereo Not Syncing over AES
        KyleJohnson That is unusual. Okay. Can you please submit a Tech support ticket by clicking the Support button at the top of the page? It will be easier to troubleshoot this via email. Please submit a case and write ATTN: Kyle in the subject or description line so that it gets to me asap.
        • August 18, 2020
      • Clarity M Stereo Not Syncing over AES
        killerguitar386 Cool, I submitted one now! I appreciate the help and quick responses.
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        • August 18, 2020
  • rejjieb
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    Hi, I need a support ticket for the above-mentioned, TC Waterfall Logo starting to act again.
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    • rejjieb
      Nigel67 Hi Rejjie, please go to the Support Tab at the top of the page and submit a support ticket through there. many thanks
      • July 3, 2020