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    Hallo ich suche verzweifelt einen Weg Backingtracks per Midi zu starten. Ich benutze das tc helicon voicelive 3 extrem. 

    Auch wenn ich den Start auf ein Taste lege, die sonst über Midi steuerbar ist, verliert diese Taste ihre Midi Fähigkeit. 

    Meine Host App ist songbook+ auf dem iPad. 


    Hello I am desperately looking for a way to start backing tracks via midi. I use the tc helicon voicelive 3 extreme.

    Even if I put the "start" on a key that is otherwise controllable via midi, this button loses its midi capability.

    My host app is songbook+ on the iPad.


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    Dear MT president UB ,  Mr. William R MT care department in Las Vegas.

    This is a very serious matter: 1st repair June 2020 to July 10th 2020, the 2nd repair as recall July 16th 2020 to now, No return no repair, MT Keep my powercore 6000 for 12 month and more since 11:40am July 16th 2020.  

    On Jan 5th 2021's MT email, I have received your Mr William R MT Care email that said: RMA 373864 for 2nd received my SN3 7140322 powercore 6000 for 2nd time repair, MT customerService people in Las Vegas has been received my powercore6000unit since July 16th 2020 

    My question is why original Powercore 6000 changed to a new  SN# 21-7140322 on MT email?  (the same Powercore 6000 hardwear Orginal SN# 7140322 how Mt you can be changed?)

    Please check your MT emails on Jan 2021 and other MT  emails all have been recorded.

    I wish the MT president Mr.UB please notice what is happening for how to treat MT customers now!!! 

    I wish that we can solve the problems peacefully. but I will reserve all my rights for further actions .

    It's a very serious matter to our music conmmunities.

    Where is my TC  Powercore 6000 ( the original  SN#7140322)unit ????

    Please advise


    Z Han

    The owner of Powercore 6000 with the original  SN#7140322 unit

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    • han123456M
      TC Helicon

      Hi Z Han, we're sorry to hear about your experience. Please be informed that we are currently investigating your case and will update you on this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

      • 14 hours ago
    • han123456M
      WilliamR Hello, William from musictribe here. Service will be contacting you today to give you an update. I also sent you a private message regarding this.
      • 7 hours ago
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    I have a TC Helicon Voicelive play unit that seems to have a short in the footswitch. i need it fixed as soon as possible be fore my next gig,

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    • Tonyvnacil
      Nigel67 Hi Tony, please send us a Service Ticket and we will raise an RMA for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you. If it is urgent I would suggest calling the Repair Centre that they tell you to send the unit to and ask if they can turn it around quickly for you.
      • Mon at 10:31 PM
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    I really need a wah effect for the plethora x5.  Is there any plans to add this to future firmware installs?

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    Dear MT customer service 

    My powercore 6000 orginal SN 7140322  The owner is Zhiming Han 

    MT have been received my unit for 12 month when was Lasy year UPS delived at MT building at July 16th 2020 at 11AM same time 

    Today is July 16th 2021 , Totally one year have been passed, Where is my unit? I have called many time MT service department or customer service never pickup any phone

    I have called William few time  He promised call me back give updates but I have never received any call or email from MT after he promised to reply. why???

    No company in world acting customer service like MT. Repairing for one year with no answwer no return never pick up phones calls.

    When I will be hearing from about my unit It have been repairing one year fully 

    Please advise 

    ZHiming Han 

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    • han123456M
      WilliamR I apologize for the delay, could you send me your RMA number or your case number so we can sort this out for you?
      • Jul 16
    • han123456M

      • Tue at 10:19 AM
    • han123456M

      HI MT WIlliam R,

      • Tue at 11:02 AM
    • han123456M

      1)The first time repair is July 10th, 2020 my powercore 6000 SN 7140322 ,RMA 372211 but it was not repaied. 2) On july 16th 2020 as 2nd time repair, my same powercore 6000 original SN7140322 was changed by MT people . The original SN 7140322 was changed to a New SN 21-7140322 without my permission after MT have received my unit after July16th2020. 3) The 2nd time recall repair, the 2nd time RMA 373864. 4)Please explane why MT need to change my original SN 7140322 (which is printed on the unit) to new SN 21-7140322?. 6)The CRM:0018300003749 was issued by MT Care on Jan 5th 2021. During 2021, I called many time with no result No answering phones. Please advise ,Why?

      • Tue at 11:02 AM
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    I have a TC 6K MKII that has been issued a repair under warranty by Music Tribe.  Unfortunately, Music Tribe has admitted that they cannot fullfil the warranty repair or provide and ETA for the parts needed, or even that the parts can be available period.  Additionally, the Music Tribe rep has stopped responding to my emails.

    Is this how Music Tribe operates?  Is this common practice to lure customers into investing nearly $18K in a product that they have no intention servicing?  

    I am appealing here as, mentioned above, my case rep has stopped responding to me.  What are my options moving foward before I seek legal advice?


    Please help.

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    • captainhook79

      This was the last communication I received from Music Tribe: "My sincere apologies (again) for the delay. Since I do not have an exact ETA on the part, I will refer this case to my manager so we can explore some options for you. Please expect an email tomorrow once I get more information." I haven't heard from them since...

      • Jul 16
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        Does Plethora X5 have buffer so I can remove my TC tuner which has a buffered pass and use my passive volume pedal?



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    How can I get a vocal doubler effect with my virtualizer 3d fx2000?

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    New member here, bought a plethora over a year ago when they first came out. I've never been able to update it, not once has it ever worked. Before I get rid of it I thought I would try here. I use an older mac book pro. Everything seems to work, the toneprint downloads and the plethora shows up on the screen. I download the firmware ok and it seems to drag and drop over the plethora with no issues. So when I power down and then power back up, nothing happens, the plethora just turns on as normal, no flashing update and when I go to ck the firmware it never changes from the original. 

    I thought well maybe this computer is too old (2013) so I did all of that on my wife's new mac desktop, this time when I dounloaded the firmware a screen came up and said unable to expand plethora x5 1 1 43.bin it is in an unsupported format so that didn't go too well. 

    I did a full reset and then tried again, no luck there either.

    No tuner, no looper. I'm out unless this gets fixed, any help is appreciated.

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    • DuaneWilson
      Dale_M Can I ask that you raise a Support ticket above and select Technical so we can assist you?
      • Jul 6
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    Does anybody have this issue or a problem I spent lotta money on this affects processor now it does not work

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    • jensenjazzgtr1
      PedroRodrigues Hi jensenjazzgtr1 Thank you for your post, in this case I would suggest performing a full firmware update for your unit.

      The update procedure contains the following 5 steps:

      Backup your settings and presets
      Connect the G-Major to your computer
      Set the G-Major so it’s ready to receive
      Start the update program and send the update to G-Major
      Reset the G-Major
      Make sure to back up your settings and presets.
      Before you update your G-Major, you'll have to make sure to back up you presets and settings, as they will get lost during the procedure.
      You can find info on how to back up your presets in your G-Major manual, or you can use the "How to back up your presets" -document found in together with the update program.
      It is not possible to back up your settings (f.ex. input selector), so you'll have to write your settings down - sorry, but this is the only way to do it: pen and paper.

      Connect the G-Major with the computer.
      Connect the MIDI OUT port from your computers midi-interface to the MIDI IN of G-Major.
      Set the G-Major in receive mode.
      Press and hold the ROUTING and RECALL buttons, while powering on the G-Major from the front.
      The display now reads “M-FOUR 2.02 API 1.9”.
      Turn the inner VALUE wheel on the far right until the display reads “Download DSP Code?”.
      Press TAP to confirm. The display now reads “Downloading code 000” which means the G-Major is ready to receive the update.
      Start the update program and send the update to G-Major:
      Start the install-program on your PC.
      Select the right midi-out.
      Press "Update"
      Press Send
      The display will read “Downloading 000” with the numbers continuously increasing.
      Please note, the upgrade can take several minutes.
      If the unit stalls during the update, please retry with one of the tested MIDI-interfaces mentioned above.
      Upon a successful update, the G-Major will revert to the “M-FOUR 2.02 API 1.9” screen, power the unit off and back on from the front.

      If the update does not work:
      Reset the System Parameters on the G-Major by doing the following, then try updating the software again.
      Press and hold the TAP button, while powering on the G-Major from the front. The display now reads “M-FOUR 2.02 API 1.9”.
      Turn the VALUE wheel until the display reads “Reset sys param?”
      Press TAP to confirm.
      The display now reads “Clear/reset done”
      Power the unit off and on from the front.
      The display now reads "Kernel Cleared"
      Power the unit off and back on again from the front.
      If the update stops or hangs in the middle of the transmission, it is very likely that it has been interrupted in some way. In this case, please try one of the tested MIDI-interfaces.
      To access the necessary tools please follow the link below:

      I hope this helps
      • Jul 1
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