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    I have lost the small threaded chrome ring for one of the 1/4" inputs on the back of the Nova. Anyone know where I can get one along with the washer?

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    Hi I am going nuts trying to find three switchable power supplies for the above units my three Tc units have all developed the same problem of either the caps or the controler and caps blowing preventing the units from switching on. I bought the finalizer and the fireworx brand new when they came out I've had less than 1 years use with my finalizer and the fireworx stopped working after 1 month yes 1 month. That was many years ago.
    They were put aside after the ridiculous repair quotes during those days. I am now capable of repairing theses power supplies but would like to buy the wizard power supply instead. I ordered three and paid over £300 to a company called Fixtronix of Ierland who are supposed to be the official Tc suppliers for these power supplies. Needless to say I recieved no response for six weeks then no response to some 12 emails enquiring about my order. I had to open a case with paypal to get my money back 1 month later still no money back. So I called a friend in Ireland and sent him to their premises to enquire about my order. I then got my first response  with an email and lame exuse about staff being ill and Tc moving factory. I got my money back through paypal the followig day.
    I ve now joined The tribe after being forced here through the Tc website I have posted about this problem for over a month and not a single response to this common Tc electronics Issue. This clearly should have been a class action lawsuit, these units should have been recalled and repaired for free this is quite clearly a maufacturing fault with the power supplies. Great gear when they work but by not accepting this as their fault, is a very calous and greedy corporate stance by of the owners of Tc Electronics as far as Im concerned.
    Can anybody help with finding these Wizard power supplies its been an absolute nightmare so far thanks.

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    • conceptboss007
      Dale_M Sorry to hear this has been your experience, if you bought these items brand new and had faults appear within 1 month or 1 year is there any reason why you did not claim warranty and come back to Music Tribe with your proof of purchase for us to assist you in a warranty repair? Regardless of your technical experience, taking product apart to repair voids any existing warranty. Please can you advise any case numbers or communication directly with Music Tribe please?
      • May 10
      • Power supply issue Tc electronics Finalizer, Firworx and M2000
        conceptboss007 Hi thanks for your response These problems occurred over 20 years ago There is no warranty and consumer rights hadn't really taken off the ground yet, in those days. This year is the first I ve ever heard of Music Tribe and your affiliation to Tc Electronics. Back in those days Tc Electronics Had a repair center in Wembley /west london somewhere where they wanted to charged a couple of hundered pounds to repair, needless to say i wasnt having it ,so after lots of back and forth the units were stored away. Back then we were made to feel like we were somehow responsible for blowig the power supplies hence the repair costs. As the years went on this problem infested the Tc Electronic's range as we all know. I would like to purchase these Wizard power supplies I dont really care for Tc's Warranty I can do a better job myself. Under the microscope the workmanship of the original power supplies are poor , hence why im not even bothering to repair the one in the picture . and just wish to replace them with the wizard power supplies. Any pointers to where I could purchase would be appreciated thanks.
        • May 15
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    Bought an AEx4 and wanted to try the TonePrint Editor. Downloaded it and installed. Fired it up and it's got templates for 30 or so TCE pedals but NOT the AEx4. 

    Are AE users supposed to use one of the other templates?




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    • WilliamVedder
      WilliamR Hello William, The alter Ego X4 uses the Flashback X4 tone prints in the tone print editor.
      • May 4
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    I was wondering if it would be possible to change the footswitches on certain effect types to momentary switches instead of toggle? Would be really handy for pitch effects like sub'n'up.

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    Hi, just picked up a Plethora x5, loving it so far.

    One thing i wanted it to ask, can it be run in dual mono mode. 2 discreet channels that will both get the same signal?

    The reason is i want to run one side of the plethora in my Red witch titan loop?

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    • mutantbigman200

      Hi Mutantbigman200.
      At this moment there is no Dual Mono mode available on the Plethora. However the Development team have logged this as a feature request.

      • May 3
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    Needed additions to Plethora X5:

    1. Mojomojo drive

    2. Spark boost

    3. Ditto looper (I know it has the tape looper, but it doesn't work like a Ditto)

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    I recently updated the Plethora X5 firmware to 1.3.11 and I no longer am getting any sound.

    Is it possible to reinstall the firmware or can I step down to a previous version? Would a factory reset also put the firmware back to its original state?



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    • Arpeggio11
      PedroRodrigues Hi Arpeggio11, thank you for your post, in this case I would suggest following the guidance present on the FW update document for the PLETHORA X5 that you can access by following the link below:
      If you follow the guidance to update your unit and you still identify the same behaviour as you reported, this may indicate that your PLETHORA X5 may be stuck in boot mode.
      In this case you must follow the guidance and the tools to unlock your unit:

      Thank you
      • Apr 13
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    Hello - 

    I powered up my new/out of the box Plethora X5 and it appeared to be on. Thereafter, I unplugged it. I then plugged in the power supply again in an effort to download the new firmware update but it's now not showing signs of life?!

    Did I do somethinng wrong and/or is there something I can do at this point to power it back up?


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    I'd like if Plethora X5 could replace my whole guitar pedalboard, that is: TC Electronic PolyTune3, Sentry noise gate, Helix phaser, Dunlop CryBaby wah, Rotovibe and a MIDI+BLE pedalboard, that controls my Marshall JVM amp and Eventide H9.

    Sometimes I throw in a Viscous Vibe and MXR ZW44 overdrive, too.

    So, my new firmware wishlist for the Plethora X5 would be:

    1) When tapping the footswitches, I'd like to have MIDI-OUT program change messages, eventually merged into the THRU port. This way the Plethora would be able to control external devices, like my JVM amp and H9 effect;

    2) Add a polyphonic tuner like PolyTune, possibly accessible with a single tap on a footswitch;

    3) Add a Wah-like variable band-pass filter, controllable by external expression pedal, so I could replace my Dunlop Wah;

    4) Add an overdrive effect (like the SpectraDrive ?), so I could do rehersals with just the Plethora, without an amp;

    5) Possibly add Midi-out program changes over Bluetooth, so I could wirelessly control my H9 effect.



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  • billyray66
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    I have a G System that no longer powers up.

    Where can I get it repaired?

    I am in Indiana 

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