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    Hallo ich suche verzweifelt einen Weg Backingtracks per Midi zu starten. Ich benutze das tc helicon voicelive 3 extrem. 

    Auch wenn ich den Start auf ein Taste lege, die sonst über Midi steuerbar ist, verliert diese Taste ihre Midi Fähigkeit. 

    Meine Host App ist songbook+ auf dem iPad. 


    Hello I am desperately looking for a way to start backing tracks via midi. I use the tc helicon voicelive 3 extreme.

    Even if I put the "start" on a key that is otherwise controllable via midi, this button loses its midi capability.

    My host app is songbook+ on the iPad.


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    I have a TC Helicon Voicelive play unit that seems to have a short in the footswitch. i need it fixed as soon as possible be fore my next gig,

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    • Tonyvnacil
      Nigel67 Hi Tony, please send us a Service Ticket and we will raise an RMA for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Service tab and submit a ticket. A colleague will then get back to you with an RMA number and advise the local service centre to you. If it is urgent I would suggest calling the Repair Centre that they tell you to send the unit to and ask if they can turn it around quickly for you.
      • Jul 19
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    I am so [email protected]#$ pissed off at this thing right now. I've read the manual in excrutiating detail and CAN NOT record over a previsouly recorded sequence. I have tried everything I can think of. Hit the RECORD button, let it RECORD over the SEQUENCE, hit the STOP button. I go to track view and make sure all the SEQ marks are missing. I"ve tried saving it and not saving but no matter each time I end the recording/Sequence/Backtrack. Then I switch to a new track and right back to the one I was working on and there are the same old SEQ marks that I just saw were deleted when I recorded over them. And can anyome tell me what a category TC-Helicon claims a VL3X is? What a STUPID way of referencing. Why don't they just have VL3X in the product category. Sorry, I'm just really PO right now. Any help would be appreciated. 

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    Okay, I got that loops and tracks are separate things. But if I have a loop assigned to a footswitch, why can't I select that footswitch from within the track? Will the loop just not play?

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    • Cstotland
      PetGerbil I'm just guessing, as I've only got the VL3 which doesn't have backing tracks...but, I believe you can only have one or the other. Loops or Backing tracks. not both. I assume it would double the machines required processing power to handle it.
      • Jun 28
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    The lights come on and the unit seems to be working but I get no sound or effects. NOTHING!!!

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    • johnnysecho47
      WilliamR Hello, William from music tribe here. Please click on the support tab above to submit a support ticket and a specialist will get in touch with you asap.
      • Jun 22
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    Talk box synth has crackling that comes and goes when using with an electrovoice mic.....and is fine when i use a shure.  Sometimes when the crackling happens the talkbox switch indicator flickers and lights up for a moment.  Swapped out all of my cables and is still an issue.

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    I have a VoiceLive3 Extereme I was trying to use USB port for MIDI as this is an option. Has anyone used a 3rd party adapter to accomplish something similar? I just purchased a Bluettooth MIDI adapter but I could not find one in USB form factor. I was curious to know if anyone in community has been successful in locating and using a Bluetooth USB adapter with VL3X? I'm just using this with SetList Maker to control backing tracks, song selection, etc. 

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    I'm using a VoiceLive 3 with the external TC Helicon switch 6. II'm absolutely desperate to find out if I can set one of the buttons to play and overdub or if I'm still stuck with play then waiting for it to loop around again to record. The Switch 6 is preferable to using the pedal itself for a number of reasons to do with the performer (not me). I'm looping up to 16 bars so waiting for it to come around again just isn't an option.

    The last time I tried to do this I found that the Switch 6 couldn't be set up this way but there were rumours that TC Helicon were going to fix it. Has this happened or am I out of luck?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi I have a vlx3 but I'm having problem with beat pedal through loop. I plug beat into aux input, problem I'm having is once I've recorded beat I play it back and the beat is playing soft through loop how do I fix this. I have my beat pedal turned up I've even gone into settings under main screen turned things up and it's still too soft playing back.

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    Hello Community,

    great i found, at least, YOU. My question is: am i stupid? I can´t find the software to connect my two devices. I bought new, but quite a long while ago. (was ill for a very long time) I´d like to start using these devices and this software was still installed in an older Laptop of mine.

    Please, please can anybody help me what to do? I still spent many hours without success, so the main question remains: am I stupid?



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