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    Does someone have the vyzor editor for TC Helicon VoiceWorks excecutable/setup for windows ? 

    Impossible to find it as all website are down now : 

    psicraft =down

    tc helicon = redirect to psicraft


    thank you !

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    • hamanohashi
      PedroRodrigues Hi hamanohashi, Please consider that this software and the unit you are refering to are legacy but I was able to find it, follow the link below to access VYZOR Thank you
      • Feb 28
      • Vyzor editor for TC Helicon VoiceWorks
        hamanohashi PedroRodrigues many thanks ! I will try it thank you so much !
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        • Mar 1
      • Vyzor editor for TC Helicon VoiceWorks
        hamanohashi Tried and it does not work ... looks like it support only TC Electronic not TC Helicon If someone have the good excexutable thank you
        • Mar 12
    • hamanohashi
      JohndeWitt Still looking for that Vyzor editor for my TC VoiceWorks (not plus). Can anyone share the executable? Many, many thanks in advance!!
      • Jun 21
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    Hi. Does anyone know why I cannot adjust my amp gain on certain presets. Global is off. Cheers 

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    • cwest
      PetGerbil 'cos you've got the "drive" pedal engaged ? (it replaces the gain section on the amp)
      • Feb 15
      • Vl3x amp gain
        cwest Thanks PetGerbil. That’s it. Cheers
        • Feb 15
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    I bought my Voicelivetouch2 in 2016, never register it. I tried on the platform but I can't.

    This is the invoice 

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    • Mircode1
      Dale_M Hi Mircode can you give me your name and email? I will see if I can help you manually.
      • Jan 22
    • Mircode1
      Mircode1 [email protected] Biancavilla Mirella, but I bought also some instruments with my company (Behringer Neutron and I had the same problem, someone registered for me).
      • Jan 25
    • Mircode1
      Dale_M I have sent you an email and resolved this (please check your inbox/junk) also if you have any more to register please reply.
      • Jan 25
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    I plug it in and press the power button and nothing happens. The screen doesn't light up, nothing.

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    • Innoceny
      DavidKnighton Hello Innoceny,
      Double check you're using the correct power cable that was supplied with your unit. Beyond that, sounds like your device may need service. Click the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page, scroll to the bottom and click SERVICE REQUEST to initiate a ticket.
      • Jan 21
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    Is there any chance that the voice live play product could be upgraded to be able to store loops? That would be a great feature!!

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    Hello, I was wondering if you could use the headphone port as your main out put? So Use a cable from the headphone output to your recoring device, amp, or in my case looper. Is there any reason this would not work? will the quality be worse?

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    • Arni
      DavidKnighton Hello Arni Olafsson,
      In theory, this 'could' work, however you have to bear in mind the headphone port is a stereo output, not a mono output. If you were to plug it into a mono input on your looper, it might sound funny. Also, headphone outputs are designed to see a specific impedance load on them. Plugging them into an instrument input may have some drawbacks. Realistically, you should be using the dedicated output of your device instead of the headphone output. Simply put, it's called a headphone output because it's designed for headphones.
      • December 4, 2020
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    I've been using my acoustic with my VL3 into a PA.  I decided to try using my strat with the VL3 into my Fender DR, but the unit creates a loud, high-frequency hiss even with the amps and cabinet simulations turned off.  It doesn't matter what else I adjust, it creates a constant hiss.  It's not as loud with my solid state amp, but still very noticeable.

    Anybody experience such noise issues?

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    • Dragonfly1
      PedroRodrigues Hi Nick, please be aware that the VL3 was designed to be connected directly to a Mixing desk or to a PA as you mentioned. When you use the output connecting Guitar TRUH the output signal does not transport any of the effects via 1/4“ TRS phone jack.
      • November 30, 2020
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    Hello, could someone please provide me an German Bedienungsanleitung pdf for my VoiceLive. I couldn't find it on official sites! There is only availability from VoiceLive 2 on? Thank you in advance. Best regards Peter

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    • HitPit01
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Peter, unfortunately, there is not a German translated manual available for the VoiceLive, however, I have included a copy of the manual for you in the following link in the hopes this may be of some help.
      • November 17, 2020
  • AlanCraigie
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    The midi light comes on showing that the vl3x is receiving but the program number I am trying to switch to comes up for a fraction of a second (or sometimes not at all) and quickly returns to preset #1.

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  • drdave
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    Haven't heard any reply to my issue with TC Helicon Play Acoustic. After firmware update, 90% of Vocal effects disappear- for good! They return after factory reset, but then I can't get new udate that allows guitar effectes to be stored on individual presets instead of globally. Any suggestions? Anyone?? Ferris???

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    • drdave
      Nigel67 Hi David, I just checked your case. My colleague replied to you on the 13th October. Please could you check your SPAM box as the reply may have been put in there. I will send a message to them and ask for the e-mail to be resent.
      • October 18, 2020
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