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    I'm a skilled technician and I'm looking for a spare switching power supply for a TC Electronic G-Major rack. These are similar to other D-Two, M-One, etc. and I guess part number is A09-00001-63060. I'm used to repair usual capacitor problems on these devices but now, the power supply of my G-Major absolutely need replacement. Spanish or Tunisian suppliers don't have them in stock anymore.

    Can someone tell me where I can by a spare part ? I'm located in France.

    Thank you


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    I have a mic mechanic that will not power up, and need it fixed

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    After living with this pedal, I learnt to live with its querks. It sounds great but there are some extremely basic features that make no sense in a live setting using with  a pedal switcher with MIDI:

    1) When a board is selected via Program Change signal, there is a lag, which I now understand from previous TC communications about time needed to change boards. The most frustrating part is that if the PC is sent for the currently selected board, it mutes as though a new board is selected, so even using just 1 board for a variety of songs requires a work-around. Is it possible to fix this so the board doesn't refresh?

    2) Master midi clock sync, please.

    3) MIDI activation for Tuner, please.

    4) MIDI access to 2nd function on footswitches for tap tempo/bpm sync, please.

    Most of these suggestions should enable us to not require changing boards so often and having the hassle of the signal muting.


    Great product though. What it does well, it does very well!


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    • ShaunCam
      WilliamR Thank you for your suggestions, I have passed them on to our developers.
      • Sep 13
    • ShaunCam
      ShaunCam I'm assuming that TC never put the correct opto-coupler into to midi in circuit of the Plethora to be able to read the 24 pulse / beat signal, right? This is probably why they can't sort it out... Suggestion: Plethora X5 version 2, with the right circuit, in black, please
      • Oct 21
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    New here. Can somebody provide me the links and instructions to update my gmajor 2 firmware?

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    • Jchybris2019
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Jchybris2019, does your G-Major 2 have a S/PDIF I/O? If so can you please check and confirm the current firmware version you are using, if this is on 1.02 you are running the latest version for your model.
      If your G-Major 2 doesn't have a S/PDIF I/O 1.03 is the latest version.
      • Sep 9
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    I have Mastering 6000 mk1. I want to buy a stereo reverb license. Will it work on my hardware?

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    • ilyapatt
      PedroRodrigues Hi ilyapatt Thank you for your post, please consider that the Stereo Mastering License includes three algorithms: MD3, MD4 and BrickWall Limiter 2. It contains Limiter, Optimizer and Stereo Enhancer presets, emulation of the Cat43 for real-time noise removal, and presets to reduce distortion at the end listener. Supported on MK I and MK II units. Please follow the link below to access our TC WEBSTORE where you will be able to acquire this licence I hope this helps. Thank you
      • Sep 18
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    I have been looking to buy a VoiceLive 3 Extreme for a few months. I have had an order in place with one site (who was predicting 6-8 weeks availability from when I placed the order in early July) and have signed up for availability notifications from 2 others. I have chatted online with all three and though they were giving estimates two months ago, they are now saying that have no predicted dates for availability after saying they thought shipments were imminent. 

    I saw in a previous thread where the TC-Helicon rep recommended talking to the retailers who sell them to get supply information from them.  

    The retailers are telling me they don't have any stock and have no idea when they will be getting more in stock.

    Can you shed any light on the supply situation?



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    • alanmccann
      alanmccann Of course, just as I post this, I get a notification from the retailer that I had ordered with that my order is being shipped to today (after being told this morning that they didn't have any stock and didn't know when stock was coming in). I'm excited !
      • Sep 7
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    Hi folks,

    Just wondering if there is a diagram/description of the Play Acoustic guitar effects options order - signal path from guitar 'in' to guitar 'out'. Given that we can 'stack' body res / compression, umod, reverb, delay choices etc on an individual custom preset... are these in any particular set order... say as they would be if they were actual individual effects pedals on a pedal board? Can the 'order' be changed?

    (Now for the '+Plus pedals' bit) Reason I'm curious is I've had great success over the past few years on 'doubling' my Play Acoustic usage extending it to an electric guitar (Gretsch Streamliner)

    Input levels need to be adjusted... but the mighty Play Acoustic works just fine on the electric. I've recently added an TC Mojo Mojo overdrive pedal and a mini Wah pedal to my signal chain just for fun. And I'm working out the best order (placement) for these pedals with the Play Acoustic. So far going Guitar - Wah - Overdrive - Play Acoustic (all or some of the effect options stacked in the PA depending on my custom preset choices.) Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or experience in the best options for this. (NOTE: considerations need to include using on board PA looper, tuner, Vocal Harmonies)

    Cheers Mark

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    When I start VoiceSuppor 2, I get a message that there is no connection to the server.

    I am using VoiceLive 2, PC with Win10. I have checked on other computers and there is the same message

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    • Grzesik
      PedroRodrigues Hi Grzesik, thank you for your post, we are aware of this situation and we are working as fast as possible to overcome this issue. Please bear with us. Thank you so much
      • Sep 1
    • Grzesik
      DarcyLynch Same problem. I even shut my VPN off. Still no internet. I have internet, let's go please
      • Sep 3
    • Grzesik
      CarstenBürgel Same problem. Why isn't it solved?
      • Sep 6
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    Hi everyone, i have a little problem with my M one XL. Two weeks ago, during a really really hot evening, the screen collapse instantly. The effect is still turning on but without screen i can't do anything. Does anyone knows were I can order a new one (i Hope it's just thé screen)

    thanks for your help


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    Recently while traveling the airline dropped (in my opinion) my pedal board in a packed pelican case cracking both ends of the board itself and also the power input to my TC Electronics H1 harmonizer is constantly clipping when power supplied to the pedal.

    Anyone have thoughts on this issue?

    Thank you for your responses and help!

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    • WhiskeyJaxx
      NicJonesMT Hi WhiskeyJaxx.
      Can you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Aug 24
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