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    Needed additions to Plethora X5:

    1. Mojomojo drive

    2. Spark boost

    3. Ditto looper (I know it has the tape looper, but it doesn't work like a Ditto)

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    For the love of life I can't find this editor anywhere ; It's mentioned in the manual as well as on the product page .

    Just no (working) d/l link .


    Please somebody HELP ASAP,

    - T -

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    Is there a VoiceLive Play preset that is an octave up with either two or three part harmony also an octave up?

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    • RobNathan
      Isaac42 If I understand your question, I think the answer is no. Octave up is a harmony effect, so you could have octave up along with high or higher (OCT UP & HIGH or OCT UP & HIGHER), but the harmony would be between the original voice and the octave.
      • Jul 31
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    Good morning, just a help question please. I have the above units and want to just basically have pedals 1 - 5 controlling

    1 - Clean Tone (Chorus - Delay - Reverb)

    2 - Rhythm (Delay - OD)

    3 - Lead (Delay - Chorus - OD2)

    4 - Solo (Delay - Chorus - OD2)

    5 - Intro (Flange - OD)

    And one of the expression pedals controlling the wah. Is this possible and is the noisegate on the G Major 2 good enough for cleaning a distorted Marshall or do I need a independant pedal?

    Thank you so much for any help it will be greatly appreciated

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    Hi I am trying to find the replacement power supplies for the above mentioned units The Wizard power supply  from fixtronix are out of stock and i cant seem to find them anywhere else can anyone point me in the right direction please.I have three units which have all died to the famous Tc electronics switching power supply problem I can repair these units once I have the correct power supplies.theses units play a very important part in my studio its been a nightmare and extremly fustrating trying to get these unit back up and running.

    Please Help is there aybody on this forum that can point me in the right direction no one has responded so far :-(


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    I recently updated the Plethora X5 firmware to 1.3.11 and I no longer am getting any sound.

    Is it possible to reinstall the firmware or can I step down to a previous version? Would a factory reset also put the firmware back to its original state?



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    • Arpeggio11
      PedroRodrigues Hi Arpeggio11, thank you for your post, in this case I would suggest following the guidance present on the FW update document for the PLETHORA X5 that you can access by following the link below:
      If you follow the guidance to update your unit and you still identify the same behaviour as you reported, this may indicate that your PLETHORA X5 may be stuck in boot mode.
      In this case you must follow the guidance and the tools to unlock your unit:

      Thank you
      • Apr 13
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    Hello - 

    I powered up my new/out of the box Plethora X5 and it appeared to be on. Thereafter, I unplugged it. I then plugged in the power supply again in an effort to download the new firmware update but it's now not showing signs of life?!

    Did I do somethinng wrong and/or is there something I can do at this point to power it back up?


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    Can I turn on and off the metronome on my VL3 extreme via midi from my BeatBuddy when I start and stop it.  I have the BeatBuddy sending midi clock to the VL3 for tempo/bpm.

    What I'm trying to do is use the VL3 metronome as a click to the BeatBuddy. I’m sending this out to a mixer and can then use this in my in ears. Presently I have to start the VL3 metronome once I’ve started the BeatBuddy and then once I’ve double tapped the BeatBuddy to finish the song, and it finishes, I’ve then got to go to the VL3 to turn off the metronome. Annoying when the click is still coming through you in ears as you've forgotten it!!

    Ideally when I hit the start on the BeatBuddy the VL3 starts the metronome and then when I stop the BeatBuddy the metronome stops.

    Can the VL3 receive these commands


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    I'd like if Plethora X5 could replace my whole guitar pedalboard, that is: TC Electronic PolyTune3, Sentry noise gate, Helix phaser, Dunlop CryBaby wah, Rotovibe and a MIDI+BLE pedalboard, that controls my Marshall JVM amp and Eventide H9.

    Sometimes I throw in a Viscous Vibe and MXR ZW44 overdrive, too.

    So, my new firmware wishlist for the Plethora X5 would be:

    1) When tapping the footswitches, I'd like to have MIDI-OUT program change messages, eventually merged into the THRU port. This way the Plethora would be able to control external devices, like my JVM amp and H9 effect;

    2) Add a polyphonic tuner like PolyTune, possibly accessible with a single tap on a footswitch;

    3) Add a Wah-like variable band-pass filter, controllable by external expression pedal, so I could replace my Dunlop Wah;

    4) Add an overdrive effect (like the SpectraDrive ?), so I could do rehersals with just the Plethora, without an amp;

    5) Possibly add Midi-out program changes over Bluetooth, so I could wirelessly control my H9 effect.



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  • billyray66
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    I have a G System that no longer powers up.

    Where can I get it repaired?

    I am in Indiana 

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