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  • 2020-10-19

    Hi - anyone got problems with the hellbabe Bypass Timer Adjust? 

    How can I adjust it - or shut off the bypass? 

    There's just a hole on the bottomplate of the pedal.

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    • morten  popp
      Jason Brewer Hello Morten - feel free to start a support ticket by clicking the support tab above and we can try to get some video of the issue.
      • Mon at 8:14 AM
  • 2020-10-15

    I have a Voicelive3 and am in a duo. I want my singer to have the vocal effects I have but she doesn't need to put a guitar through it. But the new device needs to know what chords I'm playing to get the harmonies right. I can provide a dual feed to both devices but I don't want the guitar to make it to the PA because that's coming from my voicelive3.

    What do you suggest? A  Harmony Singer 2 Vocal Processor and Harmony Generator Floor Pedal perhaps?

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  • 2020-10-10

    Hi - I have been donated a MiniFBQ Graphic EQ and a MiniCOM800 compressor - not sure how to connect them into my PC.

    I use a UMC204HD as my external sound card into a set of 2:1 Logitech speakers. Can anyone tell me how I link the EQ and Compressor into that setup please?

    Many thanks

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    • Norman Fletcher
      David Knighton Hello Norman Fletcher,
      To connect these devices, you will need to come out of the UMC204HD and into the first device, then out of the first device into the second device, then out of the second device and into your speakers. If you want my professional opinion, the COM800 will probably not do so much for you in this situation. It would be better used in conjunction with an input into your audio mixer/interface. The FBQ however will be useful as it will give you a way to fine tune your speakers for the room. Not to say you can't use the COM800 as well, but the sound coming from your computer is likely going to be already compressed/mastered, so adding more compression can actually make the audio sound worse if you're not careful.
      • Oct 13
  • 2020-09-28
    Bernd Bruening tests out the 3rd Dimension BBD-320
    What is your verdict?

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  • 2020-09-27

    Hello,  First post and 1st ever TC Electronic pedal!

    I just got a Quintessence pedal.  I'm gettin into the ins and outs of all the paramaters.  I have the phone app and the PC version.  Few questions:

    When I make a custom tone print on the PC I know to save it to one of the TP slots on the pedal and I can even name it.  Now how do I get that onto my phone app so I can use it if I am away from my PC and change toneprints?  Where does it save to on the PC or in the app?

    How do I edit things with the phone app?  One example is turning off the mash function in the software and I am not near my pc.

    Also where is best spot for this in the signal chain?  I have a Boss digital delay with mono input and stereo output.


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    • David Merrill
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi David Merrill, when using the PC version of TONEPRINT to save a TP on the pedal you have to connect the PEDAL to your PC via USB using the cable supplied.
      Because the files are physically stored on the PC it is not possible to share stored TP’s from PC to Phone and vice versa.
      Regarding the best position of the Quintessence I would suggest to be positioned after any kind of distortion pedal or similar pedals, but again this is a suggestion.
      • Sep 27
      • Quintessence Toneprints
        David Merrill So I have no way of putting "My Custom Toneprint" into my phone to be able to take my TP with me? That should be upgraded. So TC is limiting me and what I can really do with the toneprints. What if I make 4 toneprints on my PC? I can store 3 in the pedal but I can't take the 4th with me so I can beam to my phone when I want? Why doesn't TCE allow custom toneprints to be able to be copied to the phone and vice versa? That seems like something that should be a basic function in the age oy syncing things between devices.
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        • Sep 28
      • Quintessence Toneprints
        David Merrill Thanks for the "like". Now get on someones ass at TC and lets get the syncing ablility happening. I want MY OWN TONEPRINTS traveling with me in my phone,,,not the garbage bumblefoot toneprint...hey wow its bumblefoot...Please this is a basic function that should not be difficult to make happen. If its on my PC then I should be able to bring it to my phone. Just seems like common sense....
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        • Sep 29
      • Quintessence Toneprints
        Pedro Rodrigues Hi David Merril as I mentioned above because the files are physically stored on the PC it is not possible to share stored TP’s from PC to Phone and vice versa. I will forward your suggestion to our R&D team. Thank you
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        • Sep 29