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    Add a switchable buffer/truebypass, more output level and add the momentary functionality that y'all have in the mini and BOOM perfect pedal!

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    My Voicelive Acoustic Play just hit a frozen blue screen the other day while setting up for a gig.  I havent been able to get it to do anything since then. I stumbled across a supposed update on a few different threads (i believe it was called Voice software 2) but when i clicked on link they say its "unavailable" 


    Hoping my issue is fixable!

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    I have a question regarding my recent purchase of the DVR250-DT. I am not a professional musician or technician, I am just a regular person who would like to know if this item will help me add effects to my voice ONLY on a recorded song on a USB stick. I don't have a mixer or channels.

    I use karaoke music from YouTube and I record me singing. Once recorded I would like to add effects to my voice. Can I do that with this gadget and a desktop? without any other gadget?

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

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    Hi guys, first post here… I have a ditto X4 – I have successfully made (and saved to my Mac) a first and second loop backing track. I want to use this for for one song (live from the pedal), but also want to be able to use the looper as normal for other songs. Is there any way of switching back and forth between them, without one affecting the other? I know I can delete the backing track and reload it from my computer afterwards, but that would mean I could only ever do the backing track song first and then not return to it later.

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    MY DITTO 4x MIDI sync looper has been freezing up lately.  The WORST is it sometimes freezes and is accompanied by a very loud buzz!!!???! Totally unacceptable if i am in a live gig.

    No abuse at all.  Never been outside my living room and i play barefoot.  No beer spilled on it and not stomping on it with cowboy boots....etc.

    This is actually my second one as Sweetwater graciously replaced the first one that i purchesed and was doing the same things.

    Is this fixable or are these just trash?  Please advise..anyone.  Thx, Leo.



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      PedroRodrigues Hi LTORRES, thank you for your post, please confirm that you have configured the MIDI set up for your DITTO X 4 Looper as you see below. Regarding Mid specs, these are the supported controllers:

      MIDI Spec
      Responds to MIDI Channel 4 (hardcoded – can’t be changed)

      CC3 Looper 1 Rec/Dub/Start
      CC9 Looper 1 Stop
      CC14 Looper 1 Clear
      CC15 Looper 1 Level
      CC20 Looper 1 Hold to Store
      CC21 Looper 1 Clear Backtrack
      CC22 Looper 2 Rec/Dub/Start
      CC23 Looper 2 Stop
      CC24 Looper 2 Clear
      CC25 Looper 2 Level
      CC26 Looper 2 Hold to Store
      CC27 Looper 2 Clear Backtrack
      CC28 Decay “Level”
      CC29 All Loops Stop
      CC30 All Loops Clear
      CC31 FX On/Off
      CC85 Parallel/Serial Toggle

      the FX respond to Prg change message 1 to 7

      Midi CC commands/ Prg change messages are programmed into a midi track / clip in your DAW or sequencer (Midi channel 4!)
      I would also suggest that you update the firmware for your unit, for that please follow the link below:|en)

      I hope this helps
      • Mar 22
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    Newbie here. I have friend with an older "Quintet" harmonizer that is improperly identifying the MIDI chords that a Kronos keyboard is playing. The Quintet is in "chord" mode, and according to the manual it should be identifying the notes and chords played by the keyboard that is plugged-into the MIDI in on the Quintet. The screen displays the wrong chords. Anybody got any ideas as to what might be going on? 

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    My guitar will play direct to my amp but will not play through the harmonizer

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    Hi there,

    This is my first post so please be gentle!

    I have the Behringer preamp above and am having trouble using the gain and level knobs. I don't understand the difference in function and where they should be set in relation to one another to get a decent sound out of my condenser mic.

    I've been experimenting for months now trying to get the settings right to no avail. My main issue is that when the settings are too low, I'm not getting enough volume from my vocal but when the settings are higher, the vocal is clipping. I just can't seem to find the sweet spot. 

    I wonder if anyone could shed any light or suggest anything?

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    • Embo24
      Paul_Vannatto According to the MIC300 product page, the 2 bottom knobs are labeled Gain and Output. The Gain sets the input level and should be adjusted until the level showing in the LED VU meter shows bouncing between the green and orange range. If the Gain knob is low and the level is relatively high, press the 20 db Pad button to decrease the input level so that you can better use the Gain knob. Once the gain is set correctly, use the Output knob to adjust the MIC200 output as desired.
      • November 19, 2021
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    I've had my VL3 a year or so now.  As far as voice goes it's brilliant.  However, I play 3 acoustic instruments in a live gig: 6 string, 12 string and a bazouki. I've figured out I need an off board input controller to adjust the input signals from three into the VL3. Now I just need to be able to step on the program pedal and know that all the basic tone, reverb etc is correct for the instrument I am playing. I Can get it right for one. How do I get it right for all three.

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    • AshleyKitson
      PedroRodrigues Hi AshleyKitson, thank you for your post, and I'm sorry for the late reply.
      When you use an off-board input controller you will most certainly be feeding one signal at a time on to the VOICELIVE 3 and I believe that you would be able to set up a configuration for each instrument and trigger that configuration when you are playing any of the 3 instrument, this will be by setting up PRESETS on the VL3 for each instrument.
      Essentially, a Preset is a record of all the settings for a group of effects that you can recall quickly and easily and extremely flexible.
      A Preset can be general purpose like a simple Reverb or Harmony sound or can also represent a specific song or portion of a song via multiple effects and settings.
      To be honest not sure how this would work specifically when it comes to change the instrument on the input controller side but on the VL3 if you store a Preset you can recall that full present at any time
      If your set up a Preset for each instrument and change the instrument on the input controller and then trigger the preset stored for that specific instrument it might work.
      I will leave you below a link for the full manual where on Page 44 and forward you will be able to access more information on Presets and on page 54 for Remapping a footswitch
      I will also leave you below the full video collection for the VL3

      I hope this helps.
      • November 3, 2021
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    Hi TC Helicon Developers,

    I have been using the Play Acoustic for quite a few years now and am finding I have need of more from it.

    Here is the challenge I put to you. Come up with a new, closer to fully digital version of the PA.

    The problem I have is trying to adjust settings from behind the mic, guitar and PA. I need to be able to hear what the audience is going to hear to make those adjustments confidently. So what I envisage is the PA being able to connect wirelessly to either a phone or tablet (android), or laptop or tablet, (windows). So I can record myself on the looper, then go out into the venue connected to the tablet and be able to make all the changes to settings there. I would like the settings to be more advanced and more user friendly like the way they are generally displayed and adjusted in a daw. In paticular EQ, Comp, Gate.

    Would be awesome if you could build it!

    Does anyone know of anything like this already on the market?

    Cheers, Ken.

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    • KennethKohncke
      PedroRodrigues Hi KennethKohncke thank you for your post, it sound like a very cool idea I will forward your proposal to the Dev. Team . Thank you
      • September 28, 2021
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