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    TC electronic IR loader can load ir file 24 bit 48k?


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    • Fabri8
      TC-Mike HI,

      Supported IR file formats: .uli files (proprietery IMPULSE format)
      .wav files, 16/24/32-bit fixed (PCM)
      .wav files, 32-bit float

      Supported rates: 44.1 kHz
      48 kHz
      96 kHz

      If the .wav file has more than one channel, only the first channel will be used for the IR
      IR of any length can be imported but 200msec is the maximum loader length.
      IR's with length longer than 200msec will be automatically trimmed and have a natural fade out applied by IMPULSE to match 200msec

      You can also drag and drop IR files directly into corresponding folders on IMPULSE but we recommend using the app for the best experience.

      These info can also be found in the README file of your Impulse pedal when product is in disk mode (connected to your computer via USB)
      • May 10
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    Can i plug my dl 32 directly to dn9630 and then to my  DAW over usb and use the dl32 and the dn9630 like and interface

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    Hello peeps... I have a an M32r Midas desk that i use in my creative space, and i wish to be able to sometimes use a Blue ray player to show cinema...I normally stream and use my usb to xlr di box by palmer, that is awesome, but when i wish to come out of blue ray, the output is optical and my desk doesnt have an optical input... it does have usb forr connecting to computer , so i am wandering whether to find a unit to go from optical to xlr, or optical to usb.... going to xlr as a two channel line input feels best, but cant seam to find an optical to xlr di box... Ant suggestions that are around or under £120 mark as was my palmer di box... it needs to last, but doesnt need to be recording studio level...

    because of my speaker and multiple amp set up, i am not running an av surround sound , but a simple sterio system, so not interested in a av receiver set up, which would be the normal solution.

    My speakers are 3 pairs of B&W and a pair of krk rocket 8's and a velodyne sub, so the desks matrix is sorting out the sound once inputed...

    Thanks for any input. Regards Ben

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    • Mandala
      Mandala this item would work, but is not balanced through phono output rather than xlr...
      • Feb 1
    • Mandala
      Mandala My panasonic 1080 projector does have a lan network input, would this transfer the signal of audio back out after it comes in through hdmi / dvi to the lan input in the back of the Midas desk.... Still havent got my head around using cat 6 cable for these purposes
      • Feb 1
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    Hello Team 

    i want to ask some about DN9680.

    now we have 2 units of DN9608 need to link together. but as i try to link it, it's not working stable for linking.

    20-50 seconds working and 20-50 seconds randomly stop. as now i try to upgrade the firmware from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1.

    then now i can't access the device from web browser and also can't reset by reset button. and it also not show any connecting when i

    try connect it with copper or Fiber optic. Both units have same issues.


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    • Oeng
      Nigel67 Hi Oeng. As the Snake Selection and Clock Source LEDs are not lit, then I think the unit hasn't upgraded correctly and the settings/software have corrupted. When you factory reset the unit, did you press and hold the button in until you saw the unit reset on the front panel? Can you ping the unit and get a reply? Can I suggest submitting a Technical Support Ticket please and the Team will help you further as it may need to come in for repair. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • November 28, 2021
      • DN9680 Error
        Oeng I already created the technical support ticket since 13-Nov-2021. And already got 2 email reply from MT. but since I reply the question on 22-Nov-2021, now I don't get any update or feedback from MT. please help to check on it. Thanks
        • November 29, 2021
      • DN9680 Error
        Oeng For factory reset the unit, I pressed and hold the button for 1-3 minutes and I don't see the unit reset on the front panel. Then this unit still can get reply form ping but can't login via web browser.
        • November 29, 2021
      • DN9680 Error
        Oeng Dear Nigel67 please help to check this case ( CAS-502258-B0H9Z7 - CRM:0049100011781 )
        • November 29, 2021
    • Oeng

      Hi Oeng. I have found the case and assigned it to me. I will reply to you on that.

      • November 29, 2021
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    Hello! Can I use KT-Dante64 CM1 card in DN9650 to connect Midas Pro console to AES67 devices? Does the card supports AES67? Do I need any additional gear? 


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    As mentioned in the subject line, I'm trying to connect the brackets that came with my Klark Teknik DW20BR, so it can be mounted.  Though, the screws provided are too long after removing the black rubber feet that are originally mounted.  And, it doesn’t come with any shorter screws. Trying to figure out what I’m missing here? Thinking maybe I’m missing a step.




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    • kountrykid
      Nigel67 Hi kountrykid. It appears that you are doing everything correctly. The screws that you take out to remove the rubber feet should then screw straight back in. They screw back into an extruded aluminium case which should have threads made into it long enough for the screws to be tightened into. There is no pcb, etc in the way that they can be fouling on. The screws should be 15mm long. Can you confirm that they are this long? Either they are too long in the first place or the aluminium extrusion has not been threaded deep enough. I don't want you to force it, but can you try putting a little extra pressure on one of the screws to see if it tightens up any further. If not, then I would advise contacting the partner that you purchased the unit from and asking them for a replacement unit, making sure that they check the replacement unit so the screws do go all the way in when the rubber feet are removed. Have you checked all 8 screws? Many thanks
      • November 5, 2021
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    I am trying to use an Alesis SR-16 MIDI time output for the looper tempo. When I connect it, the signal eventually goes out of time. The loops fall out of sync with the drums. I believe there is a firmware update for this. My voice live 3 is not connecting using Voice support 2. Can anyone help?

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    Good day,

    Any idea on how to send audio of DM8000 USB to A computer (50 mtrs)?

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