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    On the XO24 how do you delete a user preset, I've been tweaking my presets and have a few "test" presets i saved while setting things up, now I want to delete the ones I don't need and there doesn't seem to be a way to do it, I've looked in the manual, but nothing.

    I just want to delete 2 presets, not ALL the user presets.


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    • BlueBoyMusic
      WilliamR Hello, WIlliam from Musictribe here. As this is an older unit, I do not have one to test myself. I would suggest calling up a blank user preset, and storing it over the preset you want to erase.
      1 Press STORE
      2 If the currently recalled preset is a User
      preset the same user location is suggested.
      - If the currently recalled preset is a factory
      preset, the first free user location is
      - If you wish to store the preset at a different
      location - select the desired user location
      using the ADJUST encoder.
      3 Press ENTER.
      4 Now you may;
      - either press ENTER again to confirm and
      end the store operation
      - or dial in a preset name of your choice
      using the CURSOR keys and ADJUST
      encoder and then press ENTER.
      5 The display indicates “Preset Stored” for a
      successful store operation.
      • August 12, 2021