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    Your car is way smart than you think. Especially the new-aged cars are equipped with a whole lot of sophisticated technologies to make things quite simple.

    The car manufacturers are committed to improvising things, especially the precautions related measures. The warning lights have been an essential part of an automotive vehicle. These warning lights intimate a variety of potential issues to the car owners so that they can take proactive action before an issue turns hazardous.

    However, the warning symbols might be quite confusing while you have a look at them or refer to the owner’s manual. Read on to these simplified demonstrations of some of the most common warning lights.

    What Does Your Check Engine Warning Light Tell?

    The check engine warning light intimates about the emissions, ignitions or fuel system issues. Generally, the check engine light, mostly in the yellow or orange shape of an engine appears for a few seconds once you start your car. Some models also include words such as check or service engine. However, if it stays on for a while, especially while you drive, your car has an issue that needs attention.

    Generally, the engine warning light highlights issues with a burnt spark plug, defective sensors as well as a faulty catalytic converter. These could vary from simple issues to severe ones. It also notifies the emission-related issues if your vehicle is polluting the environment more than the specified limit. However, the check engine light always tries to intimate a warning for a potential issue while it is your responsibility to take necessary action. Never delay running to a workshop such as Service My Car for your car engine repair.

    What Does Your Brake Warning Light Tell?

    Every car always requires healthy brakes and the brake warning lights become essential for having a car with a fit and fine brake system.

    If your brake warning light illuminates constantly, it intimates about the issues such as a brake fluid leak, worn-out brake pads. Your hydraulic brake circuits might have a fault.

    Despite the reason, an illuminating brake warning light warns about a serious issue with your vehicle. If you are driving, just pull over the cat to a safer side before inspecting the same. However, finding a reliable mechanic would be a better option for your car maintenance and Service My Car has been emerging as a trusted brand for any kind of car-related issues.

    What Does Engine Management Light Tell?

    The engine management lights generally illuminate with a yellow outline. If it stays on for a while especially while you are driving, your car’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) has something to tell you about your car’s engine. You can confirm the same by checking out other symptoms such as lack of power, misfire from the engine or even knocking sounds.

    You might encounter the issues out of the blue while your car’s engine survives some serious problems.

    In such conditions, just try to take a safe place and inspect under the hood. However, you can reach a nearby mechanic as driving with a deprived engine makes things worse. You can head to the nearest Service My Car workshop for any kind of issue whether it is a car repair, car oil change, timing belt replacement, etc.

    What Does Temperature Warning Light Tell?

    You always need a warning before things get hot with your car. The illuminating temperature light sheds the light on an overheating condition. However, you have to check out for the underlying conditions such as coolant leakage, a worn-out head gasket, or an engine overheating.

    In this situation, you should pull over safely; however, wait for some time to pop the hood. Check the level of the expansion tank while it is an option after the car gets cool down.

    However, you can opt for a worthy option to opt for a car recovery. Service My Car provides the car-towing service on demand. Running your overheated car for a long duration is nothing less than a crime with your car. Eventually, you may damage your car’s engine components.

    What Does Your Battery Warning Light Tell?

    The battery warning light stays on for a long time if a battery has low power. A faulty alternator, corroded or loose terminals could trigger your battery light.

    You can arrange a mechanic if the lights have been illuminating constantly. However, if you may have a flat battery and eventually requires car battery replacement.

    What Does The Oil Pressure Warning Light Tell?

    The light warns about a low oil pressure in the engine. However, it is advisable to not drive a car with illuminating light. Multiple reasons such as a defective oil pump, clogged hose and oil filter can cause issues with the engine oil pressure.

    However, you can opt for a car scanning and diagnostics service at a trusted service centre such as Service My Car. A specialist would help pinpoint the issue with your car whether it is oil filter replacement or a minor repair.

    What Does A Hand Brake Icon Tell?

    A hand brake light usually flashes once you pull the hand brake. If it continues to be remain on even after releasing the hand brake. Your brake system might have some sort of issues. Just arrange an inspection with a mechanic as soon as possible.

    What Does Power Steering Warning Light Tell?

    Your power steering has some issues such as fluid leakage and worn-out parts. If you notice any kind of resistance while steering your vehicle, your car’s power steering needs immediate attention. You can opt for Service My Car for such repairs as well as wheel alignment.

    What Does Door Open Warning Light Tell?

    As easy as pie, isn’t it. Just close your car’s open doors before starting your drive.

    What Does A Seat Belt Warning Light Tell?

    Just like an open door light, it indicates to tighten up the seat belt before you start your drive.

    What does Airbag Warning Light tell?

    Airbags fall in the category of essential components when it comes to safety. An illuminating airbag light warns about an issue with your faulty airbag.

    They can malfunction eventually as they cannot come out during a requirement or can blow out suddenly without any need. If you notice such a warning light, just head towards the Service My car for a quick repair.

    These common warning lights assist you to avoid anything unexpected or even cut your losses while you can act proactively or having routine car service. Service My Car is always ready to serve you any kind of issue with your car. Are you left wondering 'where's the best jaguar specialist near me? 'Service My Car is the best solution for you. With Service My Car, you get to benefit from our extensive network as your car is likely to be taken to the best jaguar service centre.

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    For some reason when I plug in my Go Guitar Pro into my IPhone XR and open Guitar Rack software, all of the amps show a lock symbol across them. Apparently the software is not recognizing that the Go Guitar Pro is plugged in. How can I fix this?

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    Besides the usual complaint from me-This forum takes unusually long to ever load a page. Yes it is still dreadfully SLOW! I also now note I have to leave and re enter the site to see any other notifications besides the one I just looked at. Example I had 4 notifications regarding threads I participated in. I open one (takes forever to load) read it and then try to read the other three, they will not show up unless I exit and re nter the forum and do the same thing! Had to do it 4 times! Ouch. Using Win11 which works just fine for any other site. It is not the OS...and even if it is, time to fix the issue for a modern, very popular OS.

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    • GaryHiggins
      Nigel67 Hi GaryHiggins. I will pass your comments on to the relevant people. I agree with you, and they have been reported before. Many thanks
      • Nov 1
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    Buonasera, l'app X AIR (ultimo aggiornamento nel 2017) per gestire il mixer Behringer x air xr12 non funziona correttamente sul mio smartphone, che è aggiornato alla versione 12 di Android. Esiste un aggiornamento che risolve questo problema? Grazie

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    lake controller graphics are not smooth when using Windows 11 laptops these days
    The font is displayed in yellow, and the menu bar is not visible.

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    • jaegil
      NicJonesMT There is currently a compatibility issue between Lake Controller and Intel 12th Gen Processors using the iGPU Iris Xe Graphics card, where all text within the application is highlighted. 

      The development team are currently working to release a patch to resolve this issue. For the time being the following work around will resolve your issue. 

      1 - Right click Lake Controller and select Properties. 
      2 - Go to the Shortcut tab. 
      3 - Add "noperformancemode" to the Target box.
      4 - Apply the Changes and reopen Lake controller.

      If you are still experiencing this issue then please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Oct 25
    • jaegil
      ThomasPLe Hi when i : 3 - Add "noperformancemode" to the Target box. they told me wrong target ....
      • Oct 26
    • jaegil

      same issue for me, and the "noperformancemode" didn't work either...
      a solution?
      it is really boring

      • Dec 1
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    I am not sure how it happened, but the red "Mute" buttons turned into green "On" buttons. I would like to change it back. I looked in Settings/GUI Prefs and did not see it there. I looked around other places, but could not find how to switch it back. I tried using the Music Tribe Community search box with key words that I thought would work and did not get anything. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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    • PeterDempewolff
      Paul_Vannatto Disable the "Channel ON Buttons" on the Setup, Audio/Midi screen. Don't worry - the search engine of this forum hasn't worked in years.
      • Oct 13
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    Caught exception: Specified column "user_id" is not in the row
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    Everytime, when I start my Computer, I have to reconfigure the "Mic Setup"-settings. I'm using a condenser-microphone with 48V, but after every restart, it changes to "Dynamic"

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    • DJEnn30
      WilliamR Please be sure that you save your mic profile on the bottom left after you change your settings.
      • Sep 30
    • DJEnn30
      • Sep 30
    • DJEnn30

      Okay, thank you very much, I didn't notice the button and I didn't know that there are different profiles for lighting and mic.

      • Oct 7
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    Hey TC,

    Please verify the license transfer, not cool. 

    The new buyer is awaiting it, i've paid, please do your bit?


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    tracktaian wave form oem tekrar bilet istiyor behringer den  nasıl yeniden yükliycem . behringer umc204hd bilet

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    • ayksound
      NicJonesMT Hi AykSound.
      If you have already registered your product and redeemed the code, then you would need to contact the Tracktion developers directly.
      If you did not receive your activation code after registering then please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Sep 12
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