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    Do you think we'll see native support of M1 Macs for Clarity M plug-ins??

    That would be amazing, because I need to use Rosetta2 mode only for my Clarity M :(



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    Does the Studio Xl monitor controller have source mixing capability?

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    Hi, i just purchased the Clarity M, and i am having issue to have it set up with the optical cable. I cannot use it in AES, because it's not available. I only option to Adat. Can Someone help please?

    It only says:"Optical No Lock". 

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    • jcave55
      PedroRodrigues Hi jcave55, thank you for your post, please ponder that the Clarity M via optical does not supports ADAT, the optical connection must be via S/PDIF . Thank you
      • May 11
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    I purchased a Clarity M on eBay from a 3rd party vendor. Unfortunately I did not test the unit for a few months after receiving it due to relocating my studio. When i finally plugged the unit in, I noticed the screen blurred and froze after a few minutes. I would have to guess it's a lose chip inside. Can someone recommend a place I can send it to get repaired?

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    Hello to everyone,
    the question is:
    does the mic level control change the MIC THRU signal volume? I mean: if I adjust MIC LEVEL it will change volume just in hearphone or also to the mixer? Thanking all of You in advance.....

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    I had a distaster in my Studio, my nephew accidentally knock my Clarity M Stereo unit off of my Desktop and this pulled the MicroUSB Socket out of the back of the unit, of course it no longer can communicate with my Apple Power Mac, the display and everything seems O.K. Can this be repaired

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    • PhutneyBuilder4533
      Dale_M Yes most likely, please go to the Support tab and select a Service ticket so we can advise the nearest repair centre for non warranty repair.
      • Mar 30
      • Broken Off MicroUSB Socket
        tobyshark Dale, it's taken 3 days so far of me waiting for an initial response from your service team about a non-warranty repair (still nothing). Is there a list of service centres in the UK or authorised repairers - or even a list of companies that can repair digital audio devices? - I'm stuck in a limbo, not know if I should just cut my losses and buy a new sound card, I'm trying to be a little sustainable though - but just getting a simple contact for a repairer shouldn't take three days. can you help?
        • Apr 1
    • PhutneyBuilder4533
      PhutneyBuilder4533 Dale, I too am waiting for a response from the service, is there anything else I can do the get this device repaired, not impressed at all, some kind of feedback would be good, I didn't expect the Hermes treatment though.
      • Apr 5
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    Hello, I would like to know if I can use the Clarity M Stereo as a stand-alone measuring system.

    I need to connect it to my mixer output in order to evaluate any kind of signal coming out of it. Is it possible without using a DAW?

    Many Thanks


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    • stefanoinjun
      PedroRodrigues Hi stefanoinjun, thank you for your post, please take in to account that the Clarity M can be used as a stand-alone measuring system via AES using the SUB D cable supplied with the unit or via S/PDIF using the digital connection on the unit. For more detailed information on this matter please follow the link below to access the manual for this unit : Thank you
      • Mar 28
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    I have a Clarity M set up as AES input 1.

    Aes is connected to the Clarity via the included cable and adapter.


    When My Clarity M is off I have to disconect the AES cable to be able to power it on, or switching on my AES interface after the clarity M.

    If AES signal is present my Clarity M won't power on...


    Is it a normal behaviour ?


    Swithing AES signal level from professional to consumer doesn't change anything

    Using optical spdif in place of AES does works great, but I have to use AES...


    Thanks for your help

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    I have downloaded the firmware update and installed into the Firmware folder on the Clarity Drive as instructed but the Clarity doesn't re-boot. I have tried powering off/On and re-Booting computer but no luck. Help please. I am on a Mac Pro 2013 running Big Sur 11.6.4 apart from this all is working ok. It is also on USB disk and not Plugin...

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    • saturdaynightweaver
      PedroRodrigues Hi saturdaynightweaver, thank you for your post, In this case I would suggest to perform again the FW update but on this occasion you must confirm if you are connecting the Clarity M directly to a USB 2.0 port avoiding any USB HUBS and USB ADAPTORS. For what I'm aware the Mac Pro 2013 offers 4 x USB 3.0 port but not USB 2.0 port. Thank you
      • Feb 18
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