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    Does the Studio Xl monitor controller have source mixing capability?

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    Hello to everyone,
    the question is:
    does the mic level control change the MIC THRU signal volume? I mean: if I adjust MIC LEVEL it will change volume just in hearphone or also to the mixer? Thanking all of You in advance.....

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    I had a distaster in my Studio, my nephew accidentally knock my Clarity M Stereo unit off of my Desktop and this pulled the MicroUSB Socket out of the back of the unit, of course it no longer can communicate with my Apple Power Mac, the display and everything seems O.K. Can this be repaired

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    • PhutneyBuilder4533
      Dale_M Yes most likely, please go to the Support tab and select a Service ticket so we can advise the nearest repair centre for non warranty repair.
      • Mar 30
      • Broken Off MicroUSB Socket
        tobyshark Dale, it's taken 3 days so far of me waiting for an initial response from your service team about a non-warranty repair (still nothing). Is there a list of service centres in the UK or authorised repairers - or even a list of companies that can repair digital audio devices? - I'm stuck in a limbo, not know if I should just cut my losses and buy a new sound card, I'm trying to be a little sustainable though - but just getting a simple contact for a repairer shouldn't take three days. can you help?
        • Apr 1
    • PhutneyBuilder4533
      PhutneyBuilder4533 Dale, I too am waiting for a response from the service, is there anything else I can do the get this device repaired, not impressed at all, some kind of feedback would be good, I didn't expect the Hermes treatment though.
      • Apr 5
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    TC Electronic
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    Get a more informed starting point that will ultimately allow you to make better calls when mixing and mastering your productions. Once you have installed your MONITOR PILOT, you are set for seamless and transparent switching between speakers, as well as clear visual indication of which speakers are currently active.

    List Price: $149.00 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)

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    Hi We use the lovely M6000 system and wanted to upgrade some licens, is it possible? Can't find this on the web.



    /Maxe - Pama Studios

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    I cant seem to get Xtouch 1 to work with calkwalk. Im on Macki control. All preferences are set in calkwalk. Firmware is 1.08. please advise..

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    I have a Behringer monitor2usb controller and am having some issue lately I’m sure it’s not a problem with this controller but I have a question. Does audio pass from my pc into my Behrenger monitor 2 usb controller thtough usb or do I need analog cables going to my interface

    i have a Yamaha TF Rack I use as a pa mixer/interface This is connected to my pc by usb2 The monitor controller is connected to pc by usb of course. Connected to monitor controller is Behringer sub with a pair of monitor speakers and 1 mono cube speaker. 
    im able to record tracks into cubase with Yamaha but I can't hear them when using Yamaha soundcard and can't hear anything with headphones out of Yamaha aux mix to overdub

    i do get audio when I switch over to a different soundcard which leads me to believe it is a setting within the tf rack

    thank you,


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    • jamallen44
      NicJonesMT Hi Jeff.
      Yes it would go from your computer via USB.

      If possible could you please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical; support ticket. From there we can go through some trouble shooting with you.
      • September 14, 2021
    • jamallen44
      Jacktunes Great work
      • September 14, 2021
    • jamallen44
      Jacktunes Please I need u-phoria um2 driver
      • September 14, 2021
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    Hi there. 

    The encoder in my studiokonnekt 48 remote does not work precise anymore and two leds on the »ring« are broken. 
    Are there spare parts or at least technical specifications for the encoder an dthe leds available? Or is there still a repair service? 

    Thank you! 

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    • stoltenberg
      WilliamR Hello, please click on the support link on the top of the page and create a service ticket and someone will get in touch with you ASAP.
      • August 25, 2021
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    Hello- I am located in Evergreen, CO and my school just built a performing arts theatre/gym and I have been tasked with learning/operating our new Behringer X32 digital console (and Lightshark digital lighting controller). I've never done this before but I'm willing to learn. Anyone local interested in being a mentor trainer? TIA

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    • CLherrin
      DavidKnighton Hello CLherrin,
      My best advice for you would be the following: go to YouTube and find Behringer X32 tutorials, as well as our official Behringer channel with legitimate content. Jump on Facebook and find one of the many X32 or M32 groups. The community is so huge and most folks are quick to answer any questions. Also, if you aren't well versed in Audio Theory, I would suggest looking for some online training materials. If you're a complete audio n00b then you'll want to put a big emphasis on learning audio theory, because that will answer a large majority of questions throughout your journey as an aspiring engineer. Good luck to you!
      • August 23, 2021
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    Hi, I just got my XTouch Extender hooked up to my DAW (Reaper).  I'm using the XTouch as my primary controller, and the Extender should be just that - an extender.  Currently the scribble strips want me to use the XTouch for channels 1-8 and the Extender for 9 - 16.  I want that reversed.  I want the channels to read through the Extender first.  1 - 8 should start on the Extender and 9 - 16 should be through the XTouch.  Is there any way to do that?


    Also, how do I color code the scribble strips?


    Thanks in advance!

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