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    Hey guys,


    I'm having a major issue with my XAir18. Whenever I connect it to my computer, I only get the option to Stereo record instead of Multitrack. I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't even get the computer to recognize anymore I/O let alone my DAW. Does anyone know a solution for this? I have projects coming up that I've scheduled because I was told that the unit can multitrack record, and I need to figure it out. I can provide my scene files / screenshots if needed.

    Thanks for any help.


    Computer / Programs:


    Macbook Pro 2019 running Big Sur 11.1

    Cubase 9.5

    XAir18 Connected direct via USB

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    • AlexMorrison
      Paul_Vannatto Make sure that the USB Interface setting (in X-Air Edit for PC, Mac, etc. not the iPad app) in Setup, Audio/Midi screen is set to 18/18 (not 2/2)
      • Mar 5
    • AlexMorrison
      AlexMorrison Paul, thanks again for your help. I got everything working. I did have a question though, how do I set up my XR18 so I can hear playback from what I recorded in my daw?
      • Mar 9
    • AlexMorrison
      Paul_Vannatto Hi Alex, the best way to set up DAW playback is to change the Line In channel source to USB 1/2.
      • Mar 10
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    Guys i use 2 mic one c2 and the dynamic xm8500  do you know if there will be any damage in xm8500 if i use it with the phantom power on of the audio interface? 


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    • mrsgks2000
      WilliamR Hello, You will not damage your xm8500 if the phantom power is turned on on your audio interface. The dynamic mic only uses two pins for the audio, the third pin on the XLR cable is used to deliver phantom power to a condenser mic, on a dynamic mic like the XM8500 the third pin cannot receive any voltage so there is no need to worry.
      • Feb 12
      • Mic
        mrsgks2000 Thank for your help! I appreciate it
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        • Feb 12
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    Wondering if my behringer uncle 1820 will work with the 2020 Mac mini with the new m1 chip. Not worried about software as much as the interface being recognized by logoc. 

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    I cant get the midi out to work on my Behringer xr18. I have tried all channels on all my synths connected to the xair xr18, no reaction. (I have double checked with a midi-keyboard, from which all syths work)

    The xr18 midi out is visible in Cubase, and I run the latest driver. All sound inputs and outputs work on the XR18. 

    Any tips?

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    • NiclasEngstrm
      RexBeckett Hello Niclas, have you enabled USB-DIN Pass Thru on the XR18 Setup -> Audio/Midi tab? This is required when using the XR18 as a Midi interface.
      • Jan 3
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    I owned UMC204HD last week the problem is main output not working kindly guide me how i can set this


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    • shajivalavil
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Shaji, if you have not yet done so I would recommend checking out the following setup video:

      If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues I would recommend submitting a technical support case via the support tab for further troubleshooting to be carried out.
      • December 29, 2020
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    where do i get my redeem code for tracktion software?

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    • GeorgeKatschke
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi George, a redeem code for the Tracktion software should automatically be sent to you upon registration of your product. If you have already registered your product and have not received this code could you please confirm for me the case number for your registration? Once confirmed I will look further into it and send a code across if required.
      • December 23, 2020
      • Tracktion download code
        UdaiBaraily I didn't receive my code
        • December 23, 2020
      • Tracktion download code
        ChrisEdwards1 Hi Uday, could you please confirm the case number from your registration and I will investigate this further.
        • December 23, 2020
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    Here's the deal. 

    I have a yamaha RX-V485 receiver and Behringer   1202FX mixer. I want to route the video to projector (hdmi out) from my receiver, and at the same time I want to route the audio to the mixer. I am not able to do this, is there someone experienced same problem? Attached the workflow  



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    Hello, I can't record two channels with my umc204 sound card. I hear it from the left side of my headphone with audacity umc drivers installed.
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    Updated to new 1.09 Firmware on the Wing - the DAW options are not available anymore, the menue goes of the screen and the 'full' DAW option can not be accessed any more. So much for testing eh?

    If anyone has a work around please could you email me as I will never be able to find this post ever again once I have pressed send.

    [email protected]


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