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    Can anyone tell me if Mac OS Big Sur and Behringer U-phoria UMC404HD are compatible?

    I have been waiting to upgrade the OS but have not been able to verify compatibility yet.



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    • BDeMarco
      Nigel67 Hi BDeMarco. Yes, they are compatible. All our USB USB audio / midi devices are fully UAC2.0 class compliant and do not require drivers under MAC OS and will continue to work under CoreAudio as before. Any audio issues will most likely be DAW related or in Apples domain. The only issue you may come across is a security issue with the Mac application firewall, but this can be overcome via the link below and reading the section titled 'Allowing specific applications'.
      • August 31, 2021
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    May I ask about UFO202. I just buy this unit. And I wonder how to hook ground cable from turntable to UFO202. I see the knob for this but it can't be rotated. Is it unusual? When I hook it to UFO202, how to lock the knob? Thks in advance for your great help.

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    • ChotyLeklovecat
      PedroRodrigues Hi ChotyLeklovecat you should be able to unscrew the protection on the ground connection and connect it directly to your Turntable as you can see on the pictures below.
      • August 18, 2021
      • UFO202 - How to hook Ground Line

        Thks. Unfortunately, it (no.3 in the picture below) can't be unscrewed (rotated) and I will return this unit to my local vendor and get the new one.

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        • August 18, 2021