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  • 2020-10-24


    After replacing the internal battery, I lost the System 6000 MKII licenses. When I try to access them, I have this screen (photo attached). How could I get this access code?

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  • 2020-10-14

    tc electronic impact twin will it work with osx 10.8.5

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  • 2020-09-30

    I have LM2 Native version 1.1.3. Is there a newer version? If so, how can I get it?



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  • 2020-09-30

    I bought tc electronics finalizer. I got the receipt. How can I register with I ROCK?


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    • Hong Jin
      Kyle Johnson Hello Hong, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact us by clicking the Support link at the top of the page. Then scroll down and select Technical Support.
      • Sep 30
  • 2020-09-28

    Is it possible to install Finalizer software on two computers? I recently purchased it and installed it on my Windows machine since I'm running Big Sur public beta on my Mac, and I doubt it's compatible yet. Once it is, will I be able to install on two machinese using the same license? If I want to install it on the Mac, will I need to remove it from my Windows machine first? Thanks.

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    • Francis Smith
      David Knighton Hello Francis Smith,
      Typically if the license is stored on an iLok, then you will only be able to license one machine at a time. If you are able to download the plugin on your new newer OS, it will likely give you a license error until you install your iLok.
      • Sep 28
  • 2020-09-22


    I paid the license transfer fee and am awaiting approval.


    Can someone please approve it?




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    • Jamie Simmonds
      Jason Brewer Hello Jamie - can you please click the support button above and create a ticket and someone from support will be able to follow up with you on the issue. Thank you for contacting us.
      • Sep 22
    • Jamie Simmonds
      Claus Bay Hi Jamie - I approved the transfer this morning :-)
      • Sep 23
  • 2020-09-17

    I've been using Finalizer for a few weeks and have done a few released Masters. Nice, transparent processing and intuitive UI. I just wish it did one more thing: EQ matching. Extremely useful for album work to use as a starting point. The only reason IMO to use O9 would be for that purpose.

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    • - mjk -
      John Matthews Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass this along to the development team.
      • Sep 17
      • Finalizer Feature Request
        - mjk - Thank you John! That's about the only advantage that the competition has that would interest me - and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I know that AI increases the cost but also a suggested chain based on track analysis might also be useful, but that certainly isn't a requirement. As it stands, I'm able to use Finalizer for album work with a workaround: after mastering a track, I will import the next track on the album and keep the same processing chain as a starting point. The main caveat is that one must remember to do a Save As immediately in order to keep the just-finished master and start a new project with the previous settings.
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        • Sep 17
      • Finalizer Feature Request
        - mjk - Oh, I forgot to mention that the ability to replace the source file while keeping the current processing chain is extremely useful. But, that can only work with your own Masters. Loading a Ref track will not clone it's settings of course. But still very useful.
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        • Sep 21
  • 2020-08-18

    Yesterday I installed Pro Tools 12 on an iMac with the X-Touch connected and set to HUI protocol. So far, the faders and fader bank controls are working on the 54 track demo song. At this point I have a couple things that work in Logic Pro X but not working in Pro Tools:

    1.  jog wheel does nothing
    2. touch sensitive faders do not change to that channel when touched
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    • Steven Walker
      Nic Jones Hi Steven.
      With regard to how the X touch works this is different with Each DAW. This is because they will all incorporate the MCU protocol differently. With regard to Pro Tools it uses the HUI protocol which again works differently to the MCU in Logic.
      If you look in the QSG for the X-Touch there is actually a HUI mapping in the rear of the manual.

      Unfortunately I dont have access to Pro Tools at the moment but the Jog wheel should automatically assign to your DAW. With regard to touch select you may need to contact Avid Directly to see if this is a feature that can be activated.

      If possible could you please confirm the following;

      Does touch select work in Logic?
      What FW are you using?
      Can you confirm your Mac OS?
      Are you connecting to any external USB hubs or using any adapters?
      Can you send a screen shot that shows exactly how the X-Touch is setup and configured in PT?
      Have you tried another DAW (Reaper for example)?
      What version of PT are you using?
      • Aug 19
      • Behringer X-Touch compatibility with Pro Tools 12 on iMac
        Steven Walker I just watched a YouTube video on X Touch One - Set up with Pro Tools
        This is the new control surface with one fader and transport. The setup for Pro Tools selection is named "HUI PRO" which is different than the full-size X-Touch I have.
        1. I wonder if the "Pro" means a better implementation of the HUI protocol?
        2. The X Touch One come with a set of Overlays for different DAW's including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, others.
        3. Have you seen a Pro Tools Overlay for the full-size X-Touch renaming the buttons for Pro Tools as in your above picture?
        4. Do you know of a new Behringer FIRMWARE update for Pro Tools is "HUI PRO".
        Steve Walker
        • Aug 27
      • Behringer X-Touch compatibility with Pro Tools 12 on iMac
        Nic Jones Sorry for the delay in contacting you Steven.

        Are you still having issues setting up your X touch?
        If So I think the best option would be to open a technical support ticket and we can go through some additional setup questions with you.
        • Sep 8
  • 2020-08-13

    Hi, I bought the VSS3 Native plugin, and didn't receive any confirmation e-mail for iLok registration.

    PayPal receipt number:0884-8296-3972-3934

    ilok account : [email protected]

    Order number: 86835

    Ticket Number :CAS-129332-J8C6W9

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    • Feng simon
      Pedro Rodrigues Hi simonbadao I have confirm and the VSS3 license is present on your ILOK account pending user activation, please log in your ILOK account and activate your VSS3 license. Thank you
      • Aug 13
      • VSS3 Native purchased
        Chris Tche Hi Pedro. Can you help me? I am interested in the VSS3 Native plugin but don't see a link anywhere on the TC Electronic product page to order it. Can you send me a link where to order it? Thank you.
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        • Aug 15
      • VSS3 Native purchased
        Claus Bay Hi simney ... if You scroll a bit down, You'll find it on the store page :-) all the best and stay safe from Claus
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        • Aug 16
  • 2020-07-12
    My Connect 24D with Mojave 10.14.6 is not getting audio and no midi into my DAW I only can play audio from my MAC but I can't record any audio or midi I've Tc electronic can"t solve this I wil never buy anything from TC again (I also have the X8 witch I cab use anymore because of the 32 bit more then $2000,- down the drain.) I also Can't find any updates what so ever on this matter, seems TC removed all of there vintage support
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    • Lamberto Jeuring
      William Reichling Hello, If you haven't already, can you create a care ticket so that one of our specialists can help you out with this? At the top of this page, click Support -> Care -> Create a Care Ticket and select Type: Service Request. Make sure that you enter all required (*) data before clicking Submit. The Care team will respond by email
      • Jul 15
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