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    I'm trying to find good settings for Your Love's harmony and not having much success. Has anyone configured settings for this song?

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    TD-3 has me feeling dumb. 

    CANNOT get the Alternative Timing entry to work. I know how to do this on a 303. Follow the directions in the manual but it doesn't do what it supposed to do. Watched some Youtube vids to make sure it's not something weird I'm missing and still nothing. 

    Start pattern> Hit clear (no metronome!!), TAP obviously doesn't work. I can still program the other way using Time Mode so it's not completely useless. What am I missing?

    Also, I had an issue the other day where I programmed a 16 step pattern. All F's. Then I played it back and there were random notes added in. Mostly C's but also a G or two. Pitch Mode, programmed again. Same thing but in different steps. Edited them out in Pitch Mode and it just kinda moved them around again!! Deleted and started over and finally got it to work but it was super annoying and would render this thing useless in any live gig. 

    Also, also. . When I plug an external VCO into the FILTER IN, I can still very much hear the internal VCO. I was under the impression that it was one or the other. Just want to make sure that's not the case. 

    Any help here would be appreciated. 

    Fairly certain I have the most recent OS unless there's been a new one in the last month. 


    While I have you, is there a way to transpose a pattern? I have an Avalon and it allows you to do this while the pattern is playing and it's super useful! Is there a way to change pattern length after the fact without having to program the timing all over again?



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    I bought an interface (Behringer UM2) but I can't use it with Ardour. I use Linux Ubuntu and I've already tried to use it with the JACK and without it too, but Ardour can't load the sessions with the JACK running... It's the first time I use something like that, so apologize my ignorance!!

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    Question. Ableton is sending clock to a keystep pro. From the KSP Im running midi out to multiple synths, sampler, drums machines. All work perfect except the RD-8. When the RD-8 is set to MIDI the start light lights up but the pattern doesn't play. The one thing I noticed right away was a white light under trigger 1 MIDI.When set to internal the white light disappears and everything works as expected. Sidenote, everything was working perfectly a few days ago. Nothing has moved or changed. Not sure if I'm over-thinking this. Any suggestions would be apprecited.

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    PERFORM-VG Tone keeps changing during a performance, acts like a switch going on and off and bypassing the effects...any ideas? Joe ?

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    Hi there,


    The Original Hardware Finalizer and the 96k Version had a "listening" tool which listens to the file and made suggestions.This was very handy as a starting point.

    I don´t see that in the Mastering HD Software Stuff or in the MD4 or MD3. Wouldn´t it be good to inplement it in the software? I would like it!





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    I had purchased this Harmony Singer new a few years ago, like new cosmedically, kept in origional box, all of a sudden the tone button will not shut off, the green power button only lights when powered up, after main footswitch is pressed, the green power shuts off, I believe the tone button is causing odd sound when testing with a mike, sounds like off in a distance hollow like.item number 996361005


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    Is it possible to add delay to a mix buss?

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    • BillCronheim
      RexBeckett Hi Bill, you can add delay to a bus by inserting a delay FX. I find that using one side of the Dual Pitch Shifter works well for this. If you set Semi and Cent to 0 then it will function as a delay with finer resolution than most delay FX processors.
      • 14 minutes ago
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    Hi, My Behringer VC340 is bricked on software update - STUCK IN DFU MODE. Have tried using the latest version of Synthtribe V2.51 mac, running big sur. I've tried V2.5 as well, same issue and problem.

    Anyone have a solution? or hack? or a download of older synthtools / synthtribe other than NOT V2.5 as that has the same issue.

    BEHRINGER... SHAMEFULL UPDATE. Get it together, some of us are professionals who rely on their synths to make a living. Grrrrrr.


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    • Widgery
      JoeRivers96 Hi, would you mind submitting a support ticket with us using the SUPPORT button at the top of this page? We will need to look into this further for you, if the unit is stuck in DFU mode it is unlikely that an older version on SynthTribe will solve this.
      • 14 hours ago
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    I have a Midas M32c with a Klark Teknik DN32-Live installed. How can I check the firmware version of the DN32 and how do you upgrade the firmware if neccessary?

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    • JudeLeBlanc
      Nigel67 To upgrade the DN32-LIVE card, please go to the Software tab at the link below and download the A12 firmware. The instructions to program the software are included in the download. Unfortunately on the M32C it is not possible to see what version the card is running.
      • Mon at 10:37 PM
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