• 2020-10-24

    I have 2 S16 The first one started popping about every 10 or 15 minutes like a gun shot, sent it back to Behringer for repairs.It was fixed and returned to me, about a year later it started doing the same thing again. rather than fix it I bought a brand new one around the end of 2019. With covid going on the last time we performed was the end of February 2020 . We all decided we would get together and practice, When I started the system up the new S16 would not connect so i switched to the old S16 and it connected, but with pops. I have updated the firmware on the new S16 and the X32 with the latest 2020 versions, still will not connect. Both settings Are the same on both S16 I only use one not both. I've tried to register to send it back but it keeps saying my email is invalid. Tried to call but they want answer the phones. If  the music group reads this I need some help.


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  • 2020-10-23

    I was wondering if a ethernet signal that has POE on it will damage a ethernet connector on a x32?

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  • 2020-10-23

    I have 2 keyboards...one will be drum machine and MIDI master out to the VL3...I see the MIDI indicator flashing on the VL3 screen but I do not have my vocals controlled by the MIDI chords or notes I play....the harmonies etc. work ok thru the VL3, but not MIDI coupled with my vocals....any help is appreciated!

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  • 2020-10-22

    Hola, nesecito que me indiquen como controlar el volumen de guitarra en el voicelive3 extreme. No se como vajar el volumen de la guitarra en el voicelive3 extreme... saludos y gracias.

    atte. Felipe Cepeda.

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  • 2020-10-16

    i recently had get a behringer wing ,is there any tips for it such as effect download and surface lock like the Midas M32.Thanks

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  • 2020-10-12

    Meet our triber Erik Nilsson, who has been working as software developer since he joined us in 2017. He is a part of our team that develop controller software for #LabGruppen #amplifiers. This includes our industry-leading lake Controller software, which is used for touring applications for some of the biggest events around the globe. Erik loves his job because it is challenging yet creative, a perfect match for his interest in music, programming and #technology.

    Like the rest of our tribers, Erik is dedicated to developing the features our #customers want.  

    I've worked in many places during my career, but I think the focus and commitment here is something special.’ Says Erik.

    Erik has been invited backstage as a VIP at recent shows and concerts that run our #software and has already made some fantastic memories. An interesting fact about him is that he plays guitar and piano and used to sing in a vocal group. Erik enjoys listening to #music and learning new things while working in a fast-paced programming environment!

    We are happy that Erik commented he enjoys working at Music Tribe Brands Sweden AB!

    #Meettheteam #musictribe #lakeprocessing #innovation #development #amplification #proaudio #prosound #colleagues #touring #concerts #poweramplifier #lakecontroller #soundsystem #joinus #remoteworking

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  • 2020-10-04

    Just bought myself the Nova Drive and connected it to my G-Systems. Got recognized directly. When I change a preset on my G which uses another preset on my ND it gives a click and there is no sound for a small moment (latency when switching before sound from other preset comes through) Anyone has a solution for this?

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  • 2020-10-03

    Using an X32 in a church, the on-desk USB Socket for service recording is very useful!

    Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown we simply needed the sermons to be uploaded to the church website, after processing to .mp3.

    Now that something like "nearly-normal" services are being resumed, there are a number of members who, for various reasons, still feel uneasy about returning to church.  As a result the decision was made that the (already-shorter) complete service would be recorded and then uploaded to the website.

    Al recordings prior to the lockdown, were "perfect" and only failed through operator-error, e.g. forgetting to Stop the recording before the console was switched off, so producing a 0 byte file! 

    Since the resumption of services a problem has manifested itself: specifically, the recording stops, randomly, without any operator action or intervention and any file is reported as 0 bytes.  Sometimes this will happen once, e.g. last Sunday the recording was started deliberately early, within less than two minutes it had stopped, a subsequent restart  was initiated and the recording continued successfully to the end of the service.  On other occasions, e.g. the music group rehearsal last Thursday evening, there were at least three times when the recording stopped, each time with a 0 byte file.

    I raised this as a support issue with Behringer, asking for suggestions to avoid this random stopping of the record process, only to receive a link to a page where the process to retrieve a 0 byte file is given.  I pointed out that I did not want that particular information, helpful as it might be, but guidance on how to avoid a full service recording being puctuated by gaps where the recording stopped and being dependent on the operator noticing the stop and immediately restarting the recording.

    I have verified that this is not an issue with the particular USB Memory Sticks being used.  Both are 32 GB, different manufacturers and both have passed a soak test of writing test data to completely fill them and then verifying the recording by playing back and reading the data.  (I used a very usefull utility called "h2testw" for this.)

    So, after a somewhat lengthy preamble (sorry about that): does anyone have any similar experience or advice to offer how this problem may be corrected and/or avoided?



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  • 2020-10-02

    Boa tarde meu nome é Rodrigo Garcia dos Santos falo do Brasil e sou proprietário de em pedal tc delay flashcack, e tenho muita satisfação de ter adquirido, pois pra mim ele é o melhor pedal de delay que ja tive, mais infelizmente ele apresentou um defeito, ele estava funcionando normalmente e acendeu nele uma luz amarela e não liga mais, fiquei muito triste por não ter mais ele no meu set de pedais, gostaria de saber de vcs a possibilidade de concerto com vocês, pois aqui em minha cidade não obtive sucesso.

    Obrigado pela atenção.
    Rodrigo Garcia dos Santos
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  • 2020-09-30

    Looking for some assistance setting up my G system with a 5150. How do I run the amp control out of the G system for all 3 channels?

     Thanks much!


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