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    I´ve updated my x touch to 1.21 and now i cant get out of the update mode 


    how can i fix this?


    and i want to integrate after in ableton 11 as daw controller sombody got a good discription already written or a good yt video? i already had looked for it but did not found a good discription



    lg Jev

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    cab somebody halp me , |I am looking for tye drivers for the behringer umx 49. on the site from behringer there are no working links

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    • pigro
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi pigro, the UMX 49 uses the ASIO4ALL driver. A link for this can be found on the product page via our website and alternatively can be download directly from their website. Please see the link below:
      • Mar 25
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    Hello TC Support,


    I just purchased the new TC 6000 native bundle, registered succesfully but the mentioned link for downloading the software is wrong...

    please send me the correct link

    thank you and best regards


    Achim Oppermann

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    Hi, team

    I have bought the UMC204HD and installed the last driver, v. 5, but when connect the audio interface to my PC, Windows not recognized the device.

    Can anyone help me?

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    • JOMAR07
      RexBeckett Hi JOMAR07, try a different USB cable and/or different USB port on your PC. Use a USB 2.0 port if possible as some USB 3.x ports can cause problems.

      Open Windows Control Panel -> Device Manager and see if the interface is shown with an error flag. If so, uninstall it, disconnect the USB cable, reboot the PC and then reconnect the USB cable.
      • Mar 12