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    Hello. I have the latest firmware and drivers for the XR18. Does anyone know how to get the ASIO to work with voice metre.


    I mean that would be fantastic because then you can have all the channels and the latency is really low.


    I would greatly appreciate it.


    Thank you very much. 

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    • Nadia40
      Nigel67 Hi Nadia40. You will require the serial number of the headphones to be able to register them. They will be on a label on the headphones. The serial number begins with a S and ends in 189. Without this, it is not possible to register them. Once you have all the details, please fill in the Product Registration form. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Product Registration tab and submit your registration ticket. Many thanks
      • Nov 16
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    I bought a used UMC204HD, so I don't have the original invoice. Is there a way I can register it?

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    • RSMilward
      Nigel67 Hi RSMilward. You can register the UMC with the invoice for the unit when you purchased it used. Unfortunately though, there is no warranty on your unit as any remaining warranty is not transferrable. You will get a automated e-mail response advising that that the unit is registered and you have a warranty, as the system just goes on the purchase date you enter, however if you tried to make a claim, them the invoice would be physically checked and it would be seen that you were not the original owner. I hope this answers your question. Many thanks
      • Nov 16