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    I have received the new Behringer 921 VCO and found the audio levels from the main outputs very low (ca 0.5V). It goes for all the main waveforms (sine, tri, pulse etc). And accross the entire frequency range.

    The aux output curiously has a 5V output level, which makes a huge difference in mixing.

    It seems very odd and I wonder if it is a faulty unit or what.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Note: There is no appropriate category for this.

    Category should be: "Modular equipment" or "Synthesizer module" or something...

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a Behringer x32 Compact mixer with two SD16 units but have always been a bit overwhelmed by it's possibilities. The x32 mixer is connected to my PC running Ableton live via the X-USB interface.

    When making music in Ableton, in order to achieve a tight synchronisation between the software & the hardware part of my home studio I have purchased the E-RM Multiclock.
    The multiclock uses audio sync that is being generated by a VST/UA plugin that comes with the Multiclock and is loaded in Ableton on a midi channel. The audio signal being generated in Ableton needs to be routed through my X32 compact mixer and into the audio input on the E-RM Mulitclock itself.

    On my x32 I have the Aux Out 3 available that I would like to use to send the audio from Ableton out to the E-RM MUlticlock. I have several channels that are not in use on the x32, for instance channel 30 that I selected for the VST to send it's audio signal to (see below - screenshot 1).

    So what I'm trying to achieve: send the audio signal generated by the VST in Ableton out to channel 30 of the x32 and forward that to the Aux Output #3. From there I will pick-up the signal with a jack cable and connect it physically to the E-RM Multiclock input.

    I tried to configure the aux out 3 as pictured (see below - screenshot 2) to achieve this but the audio signal is not reaching aux out #3.

    Can anyone help me to figure out which setting I need to change to route the audio signal successfully?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.


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  • 2020-10-28

    So... I downloaded the latest synth tool for mac, and attempted to update from firmware 1.3.5 to the latest 2.0.2. Opened synth tool, it recognized my directly USB connected RD-8 on my mac pro 5,1 (OS 10.13.4)- firmware update page opened, instructions said to put RD-8 into DFU mode, so I power cycled the unit whilst pressing in the pin in the holde next to the USB port. the synth tool lost connection and the unit never displayed the wait text on it's screen. Now it only flashs the sugnal LED briefly when power ycled. The thing is bricked. Is there anything to do to recover this thing?

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  • 2020-10-27


    Until last week this unit used to somehow work with LOGIC PRO. 

    I am in the MC mode, Logic never automatically scanned and found the unit. 

    There is absolutely no information on which CONTROLLER profile one should install as a surrogate unit. 

    So, i chased the rabbit with MACKIE units listed there and found something that works with the basic operations of transport, faders and panning. Disappointingly, i couldn't dig deeper because there is no info none whatsoever on how to configure. 

    Behringer has a bunch of videos for XTOUCH which has nil to do with this unit, so all that's available out there is sadly irrevelant. 

    Anyway, here is what's happening. 

    I link the unit to Logic. 

    But the faders are constantly keeping up and keep on pushing up, causing a type of clicking sound, when you move one fader down, it instantly jumps back up to the top position and starts the weird glitch as if it wants to jump out of its grove. 

    All tracks do this. 

    I looked for the firmware update however all i can download from the site is this file XTouch_Compact_Boot_Main_Test_Merge_V1.12.bin – and it doesn't open in a mac. There is no read me file or folder structure either. Filename suggests a mishap on Behringer. 

    Thanks to anyone who may have any suggestions. 



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  • 2020-10-26
    We got some really good news. The firmware for the is now completed and we're moving closer to delivering this beautiful synth. However, to be clear, we're still many months away from delivery.
    Our next step is to build 50 pre-production samples and start an extensive test program with internal and external beta testers to ensure the synth will have undergone the most stringent quality testing. If you like to participate in the testing of the UB-Xa, come join the beta tester team. However, please note that there a critical requirements associated with this program.
    1. You do own an original Oberheim OB-Xa in order to do extensive comparisons.
    2. You have deep technical understanding and knowledge related to professional testing procedures and sound analysis
    3. You do own a video channel and you're willing to create several comparison videos.
    4. You're willing to create great sound patches with your name attached.
    If you meet these criteria, please contact us at [email protected] and provide us with detailed information related to the above 4 points. We will select max 20 beta testers and reward them with a free unit in return for their extensive efforts.
    We're super excited about this flagship synth. We know that it has taken much time, but we're very proud of our Manchester engineering team who have done an amazing job by creating a complete new technology platform, which will allow us to develop the next analog poly-synths in record time.
    We're just warming up:-)
    And one more thing. We have recently launched our Music Tribe market place where you can buy and sell equipment - all for free. Unlike eBay or Reverb, we take zero commission. Check out
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  • 2020-10-26
    A lot of you asked us for a USB/MIDI to CV/Gate interface for our Eurorack modular system.
    Not only did we listen but also we designed it with a high-resolution 16-bit Texas Instruments converter so you get extremely accurate control voltages. We plan to deliver this module before end of year - of course as always at a very reasonable price.
    We’re excited to see our Eurorack family is grow:-)
    And one more thing. We have recently launched our Music Tribe market place where you can buy and sell equipment - all for free. Unlike eBay or Reverb, we take zero commission. Check out
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  • 2020-10-21

    Hi everyone,  

    I apologize if this has already been answered, but I searched and didn't see an answer.  

    I have the XTouch One, and I'm having a GREAT time with it.  However there is a feature I thought would be automatic that doesn't seem to exist, or I simply don't know how to configure it.

    When I use the Channel buttons on the XTouch One, it moves and controls the tracks in the mixer without issue.  However, if i select a track in Reaper, I was expecting the XTouch One to "jump" to that track, but it does not.  This seems like an oversight, or something that is "Wrong" in my eyes.  Having only one fader, it makes sense that the XT1 would jump to the selected track to help with workflow.

    Is there a setting I'm missing, or something I haven't done correctly to make this happen?


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  • 2020-10-20



    A heavy-duty foot pedal that works equally well as either a volume or keyboard modulation control pedal, without tying up your hands – or slowing down your performance.

    #Behringer #FC600 #Pedal #Guitar #Bass #Keyboard #ModulationControl

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  • 2020-10-19


    Gives you first-class DI channels in a single rack space. Each channel is equipped with one input (XLR or ¼” TRS) and two XLR Outputs at the front and back to connect to your amp or monitor console allowing for 8 outputs in all.

    #Behringer #DI4800A #Active #DIBox #DirectInjection #Booster #LineIsolator

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  • 2020-10-28

    I am trying to get an audio feed out of the X32 Edit program that I am running on a Mac mini. Is this possible? I am hoping to use it as an controller and output for a bus mix used for live-streaming our church service.  This operation takes place about 260 feet away from the main mixing console.  If this doesn't work, any suggestions for running an audio signal that far?

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    • Andy Ulrich
      Dave Morrison X32-Edit is a control app only. No audio passes through it and the X32 can not pass audio over ethernet (unless you buy the Dante expansion card). You can easily run balanced audio from the X32's XLR jacks hundreds of feet. Sometimes analog is the easiest and cheapest way.
      • Wed at 12:07 AM
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