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    I have a Xenyx X1222usb mixer, the problem is, after recording I can't listen to the recording via a 2tr/usb mixer.. please enlighten me, thank you

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    Good morning
    is it possible with x-touch and xr16 to manage 1/64 snapshots


    even one command would be enough to move to the next/prev snapshot



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    The Wing Snipshot Toolbox has just been updated to 1.03 with the following new features

    • Converter is now bi-directional - X32 scene to Wing snapshot, or Wing snapshot to X32 scene
    • A basic Wing snapshot parser
    • Added setup options

    As always, suggestions, bug reports and questions are welcome


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    Learn More: 
    An authentic reproduction of the original “System 2500” circuitry from the ‘70s that can fit in a standard Eurorack case. The MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050 allows you to rapidly select waveforms and signals via a conventional mixer format. Controlling and altering a sequence on the fly has never been so easy!
    List Price: $149 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)

    #Behringer #MIXSEQUENCERMODULE1050 #SynthesizersAndKeyboards #Eurorack #2500Series
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    Thanks more to Behringer Development team for 1.12.4 update.

    and now I know that there are only behringer update their digital console frequently and constantly.


    I have one another idea for key source.

    When operator using these technic for gating drum, users spend two channels for one source.

    so this... If user using this tech for ever drums ( kick snare tom1,2,3 ), have to using 10 channels totaly for this.



    If users can using not only 40 input channels but also could assign every connected inputs ( not yet assigned input ch ),

    Users could save 5 channels, and could using that for other sources.


    Thanks for your reading.

    Best regard.

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    Hi Guys .

    Iam new here so please excuse me.

    I want to know if the audio interface works on osx and how many channels can you get , if it is possibleI have not seen any info or i am looking in the wrong please. any help would be great please looking at buying a new one...cheers jb

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    • DjCoaster
      Nigel67 Hi DjCoaster. The USB connector will work with both Windows and Mac. There are 48x48 channels of USB audio. The WING expansion card slot, featuring the LIVE SD recording card or accommodating option cards for various standards, such as ADAT, MADI, DANTE, and WSG, offers another 64x64 channels of audio in/out. Hope this answers your question. Many thanks.
      • 2 hours ago
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    So Doing a large concert over the weekend Several bands, 32 channels used, 8 hour show.
    X32 w XLive card and 2 midas DL16s. firm 4.06 2.5. I have been using this system fore over six years and I have NEVER seen anything like this.

    I run the console for the live show
    we send a 32 channal USB to a separate person who is multi recording on pro tools, we also send a stereo buss feed for redundancy and to capture the overall mix. Been doing this for years with no hiccup (pre 4.0 firmeware)

    This year we added a thumb drive on top for an extra stereo record FAT formatted

    Show starts and I push record for the thumb drive and see the cassette display working and input meter.

    about four hours in, we noticed that the red indicator light for the thumb drive was off. I went the USB window and nothing was moving. I did not even see input meters.

    I pushed Cancel but nothing happened. I pulled the drive out and then.......

    The main sceern started flickering and glitching then at about ten seconds it came back but now the console was frozen. We had screen and lights but nothing was responding. It was still passing audio.

    So I prepared the crew to shut the amps off so we could restart the console and snake heads and not fry speakers. ( this was a casual enough gig so we could do this)

    While waiting for the song to finish. (about 30 seconds). the console completely shuts off. Blank screen, no lights, no audio. About 15 seconds later it rebooted. Fortunately softly, with no pops or bangs, and we were running again.

    We had to restart the pro tools record since it lost sync. but the rest of the day went fine.

    So what happened? Again fortunantly this was a casual enough gig so no harm, but what caused this and how do I prevent this in the future? The soft restart was a blessing but, I have used this system on many really high profile and high pressure shows. Having a failure like this would be horrible.

    the thumb drive only showed a 3kb file but 3gb of usage so certainly it was corrupted


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    • RossMiller
      KevinMaxwell Every time I hear about a console freezing it seems like there is a USB thumb drive involved.

      I have also heard that some IEC cables don’t fit as tightly as others so be careful and make sure it feels nice and tight when you plug and unplug it from the mixer.

      How was the power to everything? We use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) when the show is critical even with an A/C tie in. For a beach concert series we do we are tied in to an A/C panel and since it isn’t as critical we don’t use the UPS there. But I would really prefer to have a UPS even there, but it isn’t my call for those shows. I always recommend a UPS, the pure sine wave type where it is constantly working and there is no switchover time at all.
      • Mon at 11:58 AM
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    My Behringer x2222usb is hosting my 3 phantom wired mics.


    it recently started presenting audible (master fader only) static. I cannot mute out any channel inputs to remove the static from the mix.


    Master faders will increase or reduce the distortion.


    Any comment to confirm my phantom mics are issue?


    Replaced all cables with known good/new wiring. Mixer Board is 6 months old



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    • AudioPastor
      Nigel67 Hi AudioPastor. It is unlikely that a microphone is causing the issue if you are muting all the input channels. You can turn the phantom power off using the switch on the rear of the mixer. If the noise goes away then it could be the phantom power supply putting noise on to the ground. Are you using an FX or Aux Send in Pre mode which is then finding its way to the main outs via another route such as the FX Processor. I would advise turning down the 8 orange/red knobs just below the fx processor and seeing if the noise goes away. If you need to know the positions of the pots for setting up again, make sure you take a picture of them. There is also a switch to the right of the FX3 knob. Push it in and that will send the audio to the Sub 1-2 instead of the Main Mix and see if the problem goes away. If that still doesn't fix the issue, then you will have to start unplugging all connections and turning down all the knobs until the noise goes away. If it doesn't then it could be power supply related and the mixer will require repair. Hope this helps
      • 2 hours ago
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    Hi I purchased a Q1202USB and the power unit is humming/buzzing it's really noisy and obviously annoying. Is there anything I can do. Or maybe this would be something that Behringer would send me a replacement please??? 

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    I have an issue with Neutron. The OSC 1 shape knob does not change the waveform it is stuck on the top waveform and does not move through the choices. Also same knob on OCS 2 is hyper sensitive and scrolls through all 5 choices at the briefest touch. ?


    I have reloaded firmware several times. 


    Please advise.  

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