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    We have been trying contact with Coolaudio by e-mail, and have received no response.

    Could you please check incoming e-mails from "[email protected]" ? 

    E-mails have been sent to address "[email protected] " 

    Eagerly awaiting for a reply,


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    • attackaudio
      Nigel67 Hi attackaudio. Let me check the e-mail addresses and get back to you. I can only apologise for the lack of reply so far.
      • Jul 26
      • Contact problem - No reply!
        Nigel67 Hi attackaudio. A colleague has seen your e-mail and has just replied to it. if it is not in your inbox, then please also check your Spam / Junk folders. Many thanks
        • Jul 27
    • attackaudio

      Dear Nigel, thanks for your response. We have received the e-mail now. Best regards.

      • Jul 27
    • attackaudio
      Darkglass2021 Hello, this is Tuan from Darkglass Electronics. I have the same issue. I tried email and phone calls (+1 702 866 9127 - number is invalidated). Please help!
      • Jul 30