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    Were can I buy spare power supply for the DN9610  Dual Port AES50 Repeater ?

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    Hello U all,

    I am desperately looking for a X dante card or DN32 Dante card to hook up my X32 to a Dante network. Unfortunatly, these items are not available for retail in Europe due to the Covid economic disaster (I assume...).

    Will somebody be willing to sell me a second hand card ? I am going on tour pretty soon and I really need one. I live in France.

    Thanks. Regards

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    • slomogoget
      Nigel67 Gear 4 Music in the UK have 2 in stock but whether they will ship outside UK, you will have to ask them. Looks like the next closest are the Super Partners in USA and Canada
      • Jun 18
    • slomogoget
      slomogoget Nigel. Thanks for your concern. Gear4music UK have 2 items indeed but they only ship to UK. I depend of G4M germany and they announce the next availability for december. The world is gone crazy. Thanks anyway.
      • Jun 19