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    Hello Guys I have some questions for you

    Under what circumstances will the PLM+ series amplifier enter the safe mode?

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    • vvish

      Hi Vvish, safe mode will usually be caused by an interrupted firmware update, putting the amp in what looks like a permanent standby state. This can be resolved with a safe mode firmware update. You can find a video on the process here:

      • Jul 20
      • Lab Gruppen-PLM+Series
        vvish My PLM power amplifier device has been updated, but the device suddenly enters Safe mode after being switched on and off several times, and this has happened 3 times.I want to know how to avoid this situation or where the machine is malfunctioning
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        • Jul 21
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    Is there any way to escalate to Lab Gruppen. We have been waiting since January for a client's repair on a Lab Gruppen E5:4 amplifier. We keep getting told the parts are on back order. 

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    • PackRuss13
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. I am going to send you a direct message here on Community so that I can gather your case details and look into this for you.
      • Jul 13
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    can i ask about the availablity of some spare parts related to LabGruppen Amplifier on this window?

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    • Abdallah
      DavidKnighton Hello Abdallah,
      For spare parts information you must submit an inquiry via the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page.
      • Jul 9
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    I need to get pricing and stock availability on Lab Gruppen amplifiers can anyone help???

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    • Sales1
      Nigel67 Hi Sales1. Pricing and availability is only available from our superpartners. Please contact the one closest to you by clicking on this link and selecting the Country you reside in. Many thanks
      • Jul 7
    • Sales1

      Thanks Nigel - no of the 'superpartners' listed on this link supply the E series range.....

      • Jul 7
      • Pricing
        Nigel67 I am very sorry about this. I will pass the link on for this conversation to one of our Availability Team and ask them to advise the nearest reseller to you. Can you advise in which Country you reside. Many thanks
        • Jul 7
    • Sales1

      **none** of the 'superpartners

      • Jul 7