• 2020-09-18

    We are using Midas M32 mixer with p16 In ear monitors and some of the band still don’t have enough volume is there a way to make a mixbus with this to help them out

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    • Sgriffey82
      Gary Higgins There are 3 levels of volume control on them, are they aware of all 3 of those settings? The one that is most often missed is the Main level. The 16 individual ch’s are volume adjusted, then they adjust the overall volume knob (“level”knob top right). They skip the “main” button selection and increasing the volume knob for it first before adjusting the overall volume. These things are capable of getting very loud.
      • 9 hours ago
  • 2020-09-14

    I am looking for a way to interface with Thunderbolt 3 from UAD Luna recording software running on Mac Mini and stack of UAD hardware (2 Apollo x8p and 1 MKII) from Midas M32R. The objective is doing live recording using Luna and using UAD plug-ins for live performance. 

    Would greatly appreciate any pointers for this set-up. Due to the distance of the set-up of two stations (M32R and UAD equipment are not co-located), the long ADAT run is not feasible (more than 15'). 



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  • 2020-09-14

    Can we just upload .SCN files randomly or do we need to start a new post to upload a file?

    I tried to post from the "Files" area. FAIL —Wouldn't let me fill in the required catagory boxes.

    I like the text editor when we start a new post. Why can't we have it when we reply? And why can't we reply with an upload? Sorry to complain again, but it's vital to upload X/M32 and X/M-Air files (in a reply) to help the users of digital mixers. It's been missing for over 3 month now and the number of Digital mixer users has plummeted in that time. Where are they getting help? The hostile Facebook group?


    I've attached a (mostly) "Zeroed" .SCN file for test purposes.

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    • Dave Morrison
      Alexander Lane Hi Dave, The files section is basically a deposit for any files uploaded to discussions. Currently you can just upload any file to the main discussion but this will be improved moving forward. In the meantime for comment uploads I would suggest using wetransfer or another upload site.

      I have forwarded your comments to the dev team also. Hopefully we can improve the comments section soon!

      • Tue at 2:39 AM
  • 2020-09-04

    I try to know if the psu is dead or just the fuse...

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    • benoitrave
      Nigel Turner There is a mains fuse inside the power supply however the metalwork is riveted together so you cannot access the internals and the power supplies are regarded as non serviceable parts. If you decide to open a psu, then you do so at your own risk and we are not liable for any injuries, etc caused. I would measure the output voltage from the supply and if there isn't anything then I would advise replacing it. Again, make sure a trained electronic technician measures the voltages from the supply.
      • Sep 9
  • 2020-08-27

    Dear sir,

    I want to Know the Price Of 

    Midas PRO3-CC-IP and 




    Shaon Shafi.


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    • ShafiquzzamanShaon
      David Knighton hello ShafiquzzamanShaon.
      The Midas Pro3 is a legacy product, meaning we no longer manufacture it. You can find used desks on the market, but you're better off purchasing a new system. The Pro2 is still being manufactured though and it has an equivalent amount of I/O capability as the Pro3, but without the redundancy tools of the Pro3 system (i.e. redundant MC, redundany DSP, redundant screens). The DSP on a Pro2 is also built in as opposed to an external engine, so you end up with a more compact system. Price wise, you will need to contact one of our Midas dealers for that information. You can actually do a google search and pricing is readily available on the console and stageboxes. Last time I checked, you could order a Pro2 on Amazon.
      • Aug 27
  • 2020-08-28


    Our church bought 2 Midas M32 mixers and our implementer has connected it all in.  In each location, it just so happened that I would prefer the board come up on Inputs 17-32 rather than 1-16.  I have not been able to save this as a preference for power-up.  Is this possible?  If not can it be a feature request?

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    • dorrsr
      Kyle Johnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. It's not possible to have the console boot up on the 17-32 Layer. But what you can do is switch the routing so the inputs from 17-32 are to channels 1-16 and vice versa, so that the channels you want to boot up with are actually 1-16.
      • Aug 28
    • dorrsr
      Paul Vannatto If you do want to go ahead with Kyle's suggestion (switching channels 1-16 and 17-24), I would suggest that you export your scenes (from both M32) to files and load them into Scene Parser (https://sourceforge.net/projects/x32sceneparser/) one at a time. Then use the channel arrange tool to drag the channels to the desired order. Select Include Ch Source and then Transfer. The resulting OSC commands can then be outputted as a snippet file that can be loaded into the console. Loading the snippet will move all channel settings correctly.
      • Aug 28
  • 2020-08-28

    hello, do you think there will be in the future an update of the MR18 that would integrate the delay on each channel?

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    •  Joël Le Bail
      John Matthews Hi Joël, We don't have a date for the next M Air firmware update at the moment but I can pass your request on to the development team for consideration.
      • Aug 28
    •  Joël Le Bail
      Joël Le Bail Hi, thanks you, yes you can pass my request!!
      • Sep 3
  • 2020-08-24

    Just picked up an M32 and its been a learning curve.  My previous interface was a Mackie 1640i (16 channel).  I occasionally record bands in my home studio and needed additional preamps (yes more than 16).  Plus the additional options for monitor sends to musicians is a blessing.   So the Midas hit the spot.  I was hoping there was an option to tap the USB signal after the low cuts, comp., eq, etc.. of each of the 32 preamps. But that is not possible :(  .   But I found a way to somewhat do it.  But with that option, 16 channels is the limit.  Which is what I could do with the Mackie.   My question is and maybe Im way off base.  But could the X32 and M32 be programmed (bios/os) as a stand alone "Studio Console" ?   Option to tap all 32 channels after the eq section.  The Mackie 1640i had a button on each channel strip to tap before or after eq.  Maybe Music Tribe needs to do a couple Bios settings.  One for "FOH" work and a strictly "Studio" system.  Yes I know one can send all 32 channels back into the mixer and then record a stereo mix.  But I want to use the M32/X32 eq sections during the recording.  Are there any "Mods" out there ?  Just want all 32 card signals to be after the eq's.  Maybe a new bios version to add that option ?  Thanks.

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    • TwinTurboz
      Paul Vannatto Why are you double posting? I answered your other one
      • Aug 23
    • TwinTurboz
      TwinTurboz Sorry since the Midas and Behringer basically use the same bios/os i figured i would post on the Midas part of forum and behringer part
      • Aug 23
  • 2020-09-06

    How do I record an instrumental? Then go back and lay the vocals for verses and choruses on individual tracks, on a Midas M32, for one song without using a DAW?

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    • Brandon Lee
      Paul Vannatto Why aren't you using a DAW? What you want to do is the purpose of a DAW.
      • Sep 6
      • How to record songs on an Midas M32 in the studio, without a DAW?
        Brandon Lee Well I just spent thousands of dollars on equipment and accessories and my last recorder(Tascam 2488) allowed me to record and mix so I assumed this would provide me with the same capabilities. Besides, spending an extra grand or 2 for a Mac or PC will set me back in recording.
        • Sep 8
      • How to record songs on an Midas M32 in the studio, without a DAW?
        Paul Vannatto Different designs of consoles (Tascam and M32). The M32 is a live console that has a 32/32 USB interface for DAW processing. You can change the DN32-USB card with the newer DN32-Live card that allows recording to 1 or 2 SD cards. But it does not have takes, punch-in etc. that a full-fledge DAW provides. I'm not sure why it would cost so much to implement a DAW. I paid $150 for a used commercial grade HP laptop and use Reaper ($60 for 2 major updates) and have produced 2 CD's for a local group, and had no issues.
        • Sep 8
  • 2020-08-31

    Hello all.

    Working to enhance a live-webcast application in our church. Our setup is:

       M32 with all sources connected to LocalIn1-32 & AuxIn1-5
       Plans for addition of DL16 connected via AES50 to this console for stage flexibility
       All house PA and IEM monitors run from this console

    Webcast Room
       M32R with no local inputs or outputs
       Output to WebCast Mac via ch1-2 of USB mapped from L-R
       ***imminent future*** replace M32R with M32C

    AES50 connex:
       M32[A] <> [B]M32R
       ***imminent future** DL16[A] <> [B]M32[A] <> [B]M32R

    (Sanctuary) M32 AES50 patch
       AuxIn 1-6/T >> AES50[A] 1-8
       UserIn 1-32 >> AES50[A] 9-40
       LocalIn 1-32 >> UserIn 1-32 (for future selectivity of DL16 inputs)

    (Webcast) M32R Input Patch
       AES50[B] 1-6 >> AuxIn 1-6
       AES50[B] 9-40 >> Channel 1-32

    (Thanks Rex and Paul for their previous help in making this work.)

    Hopefully all that makes sense. I really DID NOT want to paste 10 screenshots to create a 1.5m long post. ;-)

    Now my questions.

    1. We have (Sanctuary) M32 TalkBack [A] mapped to all IEM monitors buses in that same console.  Is there a way to get (WebCast) M32R talkback to M32_TB[A] or these same M32 buses so the WebCast tech can communicate with the stage talent?  For clarity, we need to retain the ability for the (Sanctuary) M32 tech to TB to the IEM buses.

    2. What is the purpose of the PreAmps screen in M32_Edit/Setup?  Looking at both the M32 and M32R screens they appear to be exactly the same.  I thought the HA gains were set in M32 and that M32R had no control of HA gain.  What am I missing regarding /Setup/Preamps?

    3. On the same M32_Edit/Setup/Preamps screen, what is
        Global_Options-Lock_Stagebox ?
        Global_Options-HA_Gain_Split ?
        HA_Remote-AES5-_Port_A or Port_B ?
    and how will these options function differently on the (Sanctuary) M32 vs the (Webcast) M32R?

    4. Of the settings selected in M32_Edit/Setup, which become part of a scene file created from that console?
        \Connection ?
        \Mixer ?
        \GUI Prefs ?
        \Midi Control ?
        \Preamps ?
        \Card ?

    5. Of the settings selected in M32_Edit/Routing, which become part of a scene file created from that console?
        \Inputs ?
        \AES50 ?
        \Card ?
        \XLR ?
        \Out 1-16 ?
        \Aux Out ?
        \Ultranet ?
        \IQ Setup ?
        \User In ?
        \User Out ?

    Sorry for the marathon post. Thanx in advance for your sage assistance.
    Dwayne A

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    • Dwayne Aasberg
      Paul Vannatto Hi Dwayne, I responded to your Linkin message the other day. For your questions here, I'll try and answer as best as this forum interface will allow.

      1. For the TB, I'll need to study current setup (It's been awhile since we set that up) and advise later.
      2. The preamp page shows the the headamp settings (gain and phantom) for the local and AES50 A and B. Normally the console closest to the preamps (located at the XLR jacks) have control, unless that console relinquishes control using the HA Remote settings.
      3. The Lock Stagebox remotely locks an S16 or DL16 front panel (from busy fingers). As far as I know, it works on the console directly connected to the stagebox (via AES50). The HA Gain Split provides each console in the eco-system digital trims on their channel strips instead of gains. When that is enabled, the physical preamp control will be only at the Setup, preamp screen of the console that has HA control. The HA Remote I explained in point 2.
      4. Only the headamp settings (gain and phantom) are included in the scene file (at the very end of the file).
      5. All sections are included in the scene file.
      • Aug 30
    • Dwayne Aasberg
      Dwayne Aasberg Hi Paul.
      Okay, thank you.

      1. TB. Any help you can eventually offer will be appreciated.
      2. The Preamp page also appears to have setting for the local inputs on the M32. I had taken it as a given that if the M32R was using M32 inputs, the M32 would have control of the gain. I have noted that there is a 'Trim' on the M32R even though HA Split is not set. I may need to actually play with these settings at the church.
      3. Okay.
      4. Okay.
      5. Okay.

      Thx again for your help.
      Dwayne A
      • Aug 31
      • Tonne-o-M32 questions
        Paul Vannatto For #2, trim will appear on a console if it relinquishes control of the headamp (gain and phantom) by setting the HA Remote.
        • Sep 1
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