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    Thanks for your time, my Voicelive Touch 2 has the following issues.

    I have removed the protective film, updated and tried different power sources as well as having nothing else attached to the unit

    1. wont factory reset, pressing the two buttons during power up yields nothing.

    2. the hit button intermitantly freezes the system and needs to be restarted (see linked vid)

    3. the looper intermitantly starts up and behaves effactly also freezing the system (see linked vid)


    link to video



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    I am just starting to use a new Behringer X1222USB interface/mixer.  Here is myquestion: What is the best way to hookup active floor monitors?  Is it possible to use two (2) active floor monitors having each monitor receiving slightly different channel information?  I think I get that there is one (1) Aux Send but I want to use two monitors.  Let me know if this is possible.  And, do I use a Balanced cable (TRS) or can I use an Unbalancedcable (TR)?  Thank you for any help.

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    Just purchased the Tc helicon voicelive 3 extreme. There is no amazing grace preset as described in the manual. Anybody got any ideas? 

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    The options for Natplay source:    USB    is the only option.  What does it mean and why is it the only option?

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    • steverosen13
      PedroRodrigues Hi steverosen13, please consider that you can use the Global NatPlay Source parameter to define a global signal source for the NaturalPlay feature.
      You can use this parameter if you want to make sure that only audio or control data from a specific source is used to determine key/scale.
      The Parameter settings are the following:

      VoiceLive 3 “listens” to any audio or control data coming from the Guitar input/MIDI or USB port/Aux input/RoomSense microphones to determine the key/scale that should guide Harmony voices and HardTune.

      Audio received at the Guitar input is used to determine key/scale.

      MIDI note messages received at the MIDI IN jack are used to determine key/scale.

      Audio received at the Aux input and Input is used to determine key/scale.

      Room Sense:
      Audio received by the built-in RoomSense microphones is used to determine key/scale.
      • Tue at 12:59 AM
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    Having an issue with tc helicon perfomer vg. The harmony  wont stay set on a 5th above. It returns to  5th below everytime I go to use it. I tried to reset it but it keeps going back to 5th below

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    • Rjay17
      PedroRodrigues Hi Rjay17 ,please consider that the Harmony works slightly differently than the other effects, since there are more styles to choose from.

      When you first hold the harmony button to enter edit mode, you’ll be greeted with a level control.

      Unlike the other effects, this is simply a minimum to maximum control and applies regardless of which harmony style you’ve chosen.

      Once in edit mode, tap the harmony button again to toggle between level control and style control.

      Harmony styles are represented relative to the topmost (12 O’Clock) LED, which serves as an indicator of your lead voice.

      Please check the images below.
      • Mon at 1:33 AM
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    I am looking for a power source for the Go XLR.  The power source is listed as an intertek ep 4001528.  Does anyone know where I can find one?

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    • cctc1231014
      john0121 Click support at the top of the page and fill out the spare parts request form, the spares team will advise you on price and availability.
      • Sep 19
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    I want to use the FX150 simply as a monitor but not sure how to connect for this purpose.

    I'm currently going out of the VL3X mono output into a Bose L1, headphone jack to FX150 for Backing tracks, guitar out to Bose L1.

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      PedroRodrigues Hi JOHNRYAN,in your case the best option will be to use a Mixing desk that will manage the Monitor signal and will send that signal to the Monitor Input on your VL3X via Aux Send so you can have that same signal being outputted via Monitor Thru to feed it to any monitor you would like.
      • Tue at 1:23 AM
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    1. My pissed off self to start again...  grrr....  

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    Hi, I am having some hissing noises from my Voice Solo after a stray glass of Whiskey.

    I have given to a local tech guy here in Australia but need some technical documents to be able to proceed in and detail.

    Trying to fill the details in to contact Helicon seems to be a huge effort as I don't have proof of purchase and other details they require before you can even send in a request for help.

    Just need some tech drawings....anyone???

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    • DonWishart
      Nigel67 Hi DonWishart. Unfortunately we are not permitted to send out schematics apart from to our Service Centres. I will send you an e-mail shortly to see if I am able to help you further. If you haven't received it in the next couple of hours, please also check your junk / spam boxes. Many thanks
      • Sep 15
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    Hi Guys,

    When I tap on the TAP button to set my echo timing, the noise of my tapping is picked up by the mic (SM58).   

    I've tried tapping *very* softly but the tapping noise is still passed through to the front of house system.

    The mic and the Peform-VG are on the same mic stand.

    Is there a work around that people use, eg a separate stand for the Perform-VG unit?   A better quality mic stand?   Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance




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