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    I am having problems with my Perform-VG. The Switch-6 has stopped functioning properly. I can no longer set the switches to control specific functions. Every time I set one switch, all of them control the same function. I have tried to factory reset. There is no firmware update to download. There are no replacement switch-6 or 3’s available for purchase.  Anyone else?

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    • MauiJim716
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi MauiJim716, have you tried an alternative TRS Cable? We have seen in the past similar issues arise if the incorrect cable is used or if it has become faulty/damaged.
      • Sep 9
    • MauiJim716
      PedroRodrigues Hi MauiJim716 please consider that the default behavior for Switch3 is:
      Switch1 = Harmony - High
      Switch2 = Harmony - Low
      Switch3 = Harmony - High & Low
      The user can reassign any of the Perform-VG buttons to be activated by a footswitch, with the exception of SET, +48V, Headphone Level, and Lock/Mute (TALK is assignable). Guitar Boost is also available by mapping the MIX button to a footswitch.
      This acts as a +6dB level increase for solos and the like. The MIX button is lit white when boost is ON and unlit when boost is OFF. Guitar Phase Invert may be assigned to a footswitch by mapping the AntiFeedback button.
      For the user to map a function, press and hold the desired footswitch, then press the button on Perform-VG that you’d like the switch to control. Release both buttons.
      The Switch6 acts in the same manner as Switch3 but adds buttons 4, 5, and 6. The default controls for the buttons are:
      Switch1 = Harmony – High
      Switch2 = Harmony – Low
      Switch3 = Harmony – High & Low
      Switch4 = Guitar Chorus
      Switch5 = Guitar Echo
      Switch6 = Guitar Boos Please confirm that you have your Switch 6 set up as described above.

      When it comes to assign a style to your Switch 6 please confirm that you have:
      • Enter harmony edit mode by pressing and holding the Harmony button for 2 seconds
      • Select your desired harmony style
      • if you see the level control after holding the harmony button, remember to tap the Harmony button to toggle between level and style control
      • Let the menu “time out” and exit back to normal operation
      • Press and hold the desired foot switch
      • Press the Harmony button to confirm the current style
      • Your harmony style is now assigned to the switch Here’s how the on/off works. Let’s imagine you have two harmony styles assigned to switches 1 and 2 on the footswitch. Switch 1 has “High” harmony and switch 2 has “High & Higher”.
      • If harmony is OFF and you press either switch 1 or switch 2, harmony will turn on with the assigned style • For this example, we’ll say you turned on “High” via switch 1
      • If you press switch 1 again, harmony will turn OFF
      • If you press switch 2, harmony will remain ON and change to the “High & Higher” style
      • If you then press switch 2 again, harmony will turn OFF
      • If you press switch 1 instead, harmony will remain on and change back to the “High” style This new functionality allows you to “stack” harmony by changing the style.
      You could, for example, sing and hold a note, turn on “High” harmony, then turn on “High & Higher” to emulate multi-part additive harmony.
      A vocal/guitar mix of switch assignments could be something like:
      1. High Harmony
      2. Low Harmony
      3. High & Low Harmony
      4. Vocal Echo
      5. Guitar Echo
      6. Guitar Choru
      • Sep 12
    • MauiJim716
      kiskadar69 The TRS-TRS cable should be tested with an ohmmeter. If it is faultless, plug one end of the cable into the Switch-6 and measure the other end of the cable with an ohmmeter:
      0. If none of the switches on the Switch-6 are depressed, you will normally measure an open between the Tip and Ring.
      1. If only the first switch on the Switch-6 is depressed, you will normally measure 10 kohm between the Tip and Ring.
      2. If only the second switch on the Switch-6 is pressed, you will normally measure 20 kohm between the Tip and Ring.
      3. If only the third switch on the Switch-6 is depressed, you will normally measure 30 kohm between the Tip and Ring.
      4. If only the fourth switch on the Switch-6 is depressed, you will normally measure 40 kohm between the Tip and Ring.
      5. If only the fifth switch on the Switch-6 is pressed, you will normally measure 50 kohm between the Tip and Ring.
      6. If only the sixth switch of the Switch-6 is pressed, you will normally measure 60 kohm between the Tip and Ring.
      7. Normally you always measure 70 kohm between Ring and Sleeve.
      • Sep 16
    • MauiJim716

      The new cable worked! Thanks.

      • Sep 16
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    Hi, just purchased a voicelive play, but can't seem to connect it to my mac (for firmware updates). I've gone to the Helicon site, but there are no software downloads for the voicelive play - can anyone please advise?

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    My TC Helicon Play Acoustic is ON with blank blue screen. I tried "Factory Reset", it did not work. I tried to do it using Voice Support 2 app (MacOS), also no success. The app showed pop-up warning that "another app is using the unit". I have searched far and wide throughout my Mac system and there was no single app was using the unit (except Voice Support 2). 

    I found this solution:

    I managed to download the Sysex Librarian as suggested in the article. But, I could not find the firmware: PlayAcoustic 1.0.04 BUILD21 MIDIOX.syx

    I have searched everywhere, with no success. Not even in TC Helicon official site!!! (What a shame, Helicon!!! Why not simplify your whole customers support system?)

    Please, anybody, help me! I need that firmware file to fix my unit.

    Thanks in advance!

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    • thisisjust9
      Dale_M Hi there please can you go to the Support tab above and select Technical so one of our team can assist you? Many thanks.
      • Wed at 12:34 AM
      • Tc Helicon Play Acoustic Stuck in Blue Screen. Where is the firmware file?
        thisisjust9 I did already. And no reply yet.
        • Wed at 12:48 AM
    • thisisjust9
      PedroRodrigues Hi thisisjust9, please follow the link below to access all the guidance and tools for this process Thank you
      • Wed at 1:08 AM
    • thisisjust9

      Dear Pedro, you're the best!!! I will do it now, and try to restore. Will let you know the result soonest. Thank you, thank you very much.

      • Wed at 1:15 AM
    • thisisjust9
      PedroRodrigues Hi thisisjust9 please confirm on your computer if you have any MIDI tools ruining and check Google Chrome tools for MIDI devices that may be runing.
      • Wed at 3:06 AM
      • Tc Helicon Play Acoustic Stuck in Blue Screen. Where is the firmware file?
        thisisjust9 Dear Pedro, thanks for all the help and suggestions. I managed to solve all the above issues. As for the TC Helicon Play Acoustic unit, I reinstalled firmware: PlayAcoustic 1.0.04 BUILD21 MIDIOX.syx using SysEx Librarian. It didn't work well first time. I repeated it once and decided to complete the process with "factory reset". Somehow, it works! So, thank you very much!
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        • Wed at 6:48 AM
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    I can't figure out how to get my new MCA100 to work with my Voicelive Play.  What do I need to do?

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    Hello, I have several troubles with my Tc Helicon Voivelive touch 2, one of them is I never ever could connect it to a firmware update, because it always appears a message saying My Voicelive Touch 2 is being used by another aplication. Ive done everything, reboot, quit all programs, turn on fist before the support program and viceversa, and tried in another computer, mac and PC. I really dont know what is going on. 

    Anyway I want to update because I have problem with sync and slave midi with ableton or any other device. The metronom respects the DAW time and beat, but after several loop repetitions it starts loosing its sync and just goes all over the time without respecting the tempo... this is quite frustrating! 

    Ive searched all over the internet with no solution, please HELP

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