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    The church has 6 TFX152M-AN monitors total. I just started at the church. 2 wasn't powering up. Now I have 2 more that went out. 
    Have anyone experienced this before? 

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    I have a Turbosound ip 1000 that has been carefully used, never beatup or pushed to a clipping point. 
    Recently, I've got a hissing, static noise from it and I can completely turn the volume down to MUTE and the hissing persists. At full volume the hissing is about the same. 
    I've hit the terminals with electronics cleaner to no good result. 
    This unit has no firmware or capacity for it. No USB input, so it's not firmware.

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      Paul_Vannatto When no inputs are connected to the speakers, do you still get the same hiss? if so, there is probably a hardware issue, which means that you should click on the Support (above), fill in a repair form and submit to create a ticket. If the hiss goes away (when no inputs), first replace the cables between the ip1000 and mixer. If that doesn't resolve it, have a look at the mixer to find the hiss source.
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