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    Hi am am needing a microphone adaptor both peices for the Behringer Eurolive B207MP3. I have contacted the spares department 3 times and have heard nothing.

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    • PeteSheridan
      Dale_M Hi there sorry for your experience, can you please advise ticket numbers for us to chase up for you?
      • Mon at 4:22 AM
    • PeteSheridan

      • Mon at 5:03 AM
    • PeteSheridan

      CAS-470711-P1N5Z3 .

      • Mon at 5:03 AM
  • slide496
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    Are these still in production?  I love mine but it is wearing outand stores aren't carrying them in the US.

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    Hey eveyone, my CP1A -12 volts rail stopped working because of my own fault. Do anyone have the scheme so I could try to fix it myself? 
    thanks in advance!


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    • AndriusLau
      KyleJohnson Hello, Kyle here with Music Tribe. Please contact our Service team for further assistance with this issue. Click on Support, and then on Service Request to submit a case.
      • Jul 20
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    I live near Bath uk. Where can I get a begringer amp repaired? I used Music Group Innovation in Kidderminster previously, but they don't appear to be in operation.



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    • Aqaba5
      DavidKnighton Hello Aqaba5,
      For any/all service requests you must submit an inquiry via the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page.
      • Jul 9
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    I sent a brand new amplifier that went bad the first day I used it in the middle of a show to a company called panurgy they received it on June 21st I haven't heard a word how do I get information on this amplifier

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    Is there a way to find a list of authorized repair locations for Behringer equipment?  Hoping to avoid having to ship a power amp somewhere to be repaired.  

    I've spend the last half hour trying to just find a phone number to call and ask but apparently Behringer doesn't believe in phone support and instead wants me to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops to make a "musictribe" account just to ask a question or submit a complicated ticket.  This is more difficult than it needs to be to get support information.

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    • dexter74656
      DavidKnighton Hello dexter74656,
      You account already exists if you're posting on the community, so step one is already done. The reason we want you to submit a case is so that we can give you accurate information. We live in a world where online information can change without notice, so it's usually best to get it straight from the horse's mouth. Also it gives us a chance to help you troubleshoot the issue before you go through the trouble of paying for a repair.
      Example, a known issue with a simple fix is easier for the customer than paying $100 for a technician to perform the fix. Finally, if it's something under warranty, then it absolutely has to be documented by our team so we can take positive action in other areas of product development. It seems convoluted, but I assure you there are good reasons why we do this.
      • Jul 12
      • Looking for Local Repair Outlets
        dexter74656 Yes, my account is created, because I had to take 10 minutes to create one in order to make this post. I'm not looking for a tribe, I'm not looking for a new social media network, I just want access to support.

        I already know the device needs repair and that it's not a user-error kind of situation (given that it has already been repaired once and failed again), and I'd like to explore options for this to be done locally. That is why I am trying to find if there is a list of authorized repair locations to see if someone is in my area that can take a look at it.

        Please let me know where I can find such information or who I can contact to receive it. If the only option is to create a ticket to ship the amplifier in, then I'll move on to a new company instead.
        • Jul 12