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    I purchased an 240v FP 20000Q amplifier. It arrived with a 120 v USA plug on the end of the power plug. How do I fix it. Is there an adapter, or can I have an electrician cut off the end and replace it with the correct one? Help!!! 

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    • DjMajik528
      NicJonesMT Hi DJMajik528.
      When you ordered the FP, was it from a store that is located in the same region as you?
      I would recommend getting back in touch with the store to see if they can Swap the unit out for one that is for the correct region.
      If the store can't assist, please click support at the top of the page and submit a technical support ticket.
      • Jun 15
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    Hi, I Have a Behringer V-Tone GMX1200H head unit which has the Preset FX Processor knob broken off.

    The knob and stem part is missing. All that remains is the base of the stem. I'm interested in getting a replacement knob and the mechanism it it attached to. Think its called a potentiometer.

    Wondering if anybody can steer me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,


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