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    IP300 are they disccontinued  Canada dealers saying they are  what the replacement  thank

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    • claude123
      DavidKnighton Hello Claude,
      I don't believe this product is discontinued, as it's only been in production for a few years now. If you can submit a Support ticket for Pre Sales, we can get your question over to our availability team. They'll be able to tell you who to contact in Canada for sales.
      • Feb 17
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    I have two loud speakers. I had a friend use them and now one makes a static/ screech when it is turned on even without a cable attached. The other appears to have no high end. Is the possibly a simple solution or will I likely need to send them in to be repaired? 

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    • Yakoba
      DavidKnighton Hello Yakoba,
      It definitely sounds like your friend may have caused some damage to your speakers. I would suspect they blew one of the high frequency drivers in one unit, not sure about the other with the screeching sound. I suggest opening a service request ticket using the SUPPORT link at the top of this page.
      • Feb 8
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    Is there anyway to switch off the Bluetooth function completely? so no meddling kids try connecting to the speakers when I am using analog input

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    • Ub41d
      Dale_M I am afraid there is no lock system for this feature, however once you have paired these and synced with your device it will not allow any 3rd party device to hijack the connection, so you should be safe.
      • Feb 23
    • Ub41d
      Nigel67 Although it is not possible to switch the Bluetooth off, you can password lock the unit so that the kids cannot change any settings on the speakers or connect their devices. Without pairing from the speaker they cannot cause any issues. The lock option is in the set up menu just above Factory reset. You just have to remember not to lose your password or make it easy enough for the kids to guess it :). Hope this helps
      • Feb 23