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    I currently have the Tannoy HTS-101 5.1 speaker set connected to a Denon AVR-X3300.
    Since the amplifier could support 2 more channels but adding rear speakers would be impractical in my home theater/living room, I'm now looking at options for atmos overhead speakers to increase the immersiveness of my home theater set-up.

    Out of what is available in the market today, the Tannoy CVS 4 speakers seem like a good option for my scenario, but I would like to have a couple of questions answered, just to be sure:

    1. Can the recommend the Tannoy CVS 4 speakers as atmos height speakers in general?

    2. Timbre matching wise, would the CVS 4 speakers be a good fit for my existing speaker set-up?

    3. Would the difference in nominal impedance (6ohms vs 8ohms) be an issue?

    4. I've noted the CVS 4 speakers are encased in steel cans. Can I trust this structure to isolate the sounds and vibrations from leaking to ceiling structures (and the 2 bedrooms above the home theater) with moderate volume levels, or should I put additional effort in sound-proofing?

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