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    I have STUDIO50USB and need to replace resistor R14. Does anyone have a distribution chart or know the specs (effect) of this resistor?

    Best regards


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    • JeanetteWillander
      Dale_M R14
      RESISTOR;CARBON;470 ohm;2W;5 %;F-TYPE I hope this helps, however if the unit has had a fault and is still under warranty we would advise raising a technical ticket with your proof of purchase so we can assist you.
      • Sep 11
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    Please let me know possible causes and remedies for buzzing in these monitors. There are not line hum. 

    Thank you! 

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    • PaulKennethWard
      NicJonesMT Hi Paul.
      We would need to know alot more about your system and setup to advise you further on this.
      Could you please submit a technical support ticket and provide as much detail on the issue and your setup as possible.
      • Sep 3
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    Can you tell what the push-on push-off switch inside the R speaker does and what the two positions of the switch designate?

    I'm having a problem in that the R speaker is much softer than than the L speaker.  Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Pat McFarland

    Repair Technologist

    First United Methodist Church

    1036 7th St.

    Nevada, IA 50201


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    • patmcf
      Dale_M re you able to advise switch you are referring to on the MS16 please? We can only see the on/off switch.
      • Aug 31
    • patmcf

      It's the switch that is located inside of the enclosure - on one of the circuit boards.

      • Aug 31
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    How to stop Popping noises on Tannoy Reveal 402


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    • Rcyncynates
      ChrisEdwards1 Hi Rcyncynates, could you please expand further on the noise you are hearing? One of the main causes of pops in speakers is incorrect power on/off procedure, It is a safe practice and industry protocol to ensure that your speakers or Power amp are the last devices that you switch on, and are the first thing that you switch off. By following this you will stop any pop noises.
      If the popping you are hearing is not caused by this could you please submit a technical support ticket? This can be done by going to support at the top of this page and scrolling to the relevant tab.
      • Aug 20
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    I'm working on a pair of Tannoy Precision 8 Passive. I've attached 2 photos to confirm the correct drivers for replacement / repair. 


    Eric Rabb

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