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    Is there any way to get a sub connected to these monitors?  They're pretty mid-rangey and when I use them to mix, the bass always sounds heavier on other systems (like in my car or through a Bose CD player) because I end up over-mixing the bass to hear it in these.

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    • smassardo
      Nigel67 Hi smassardo, There is no way to connect a sub to the speakers. If you are using a mixing desk, then you could use one of its outputs to feed a sub, but if you are coming of a media player, then the on option you could try is to get a Y split cable from one of the outputs of the media device which you could plug to the sub and also the speaker. The sub would need to have some kind of low pass filter because the transients of the full range signal from the media device could damage the sub speaker at high level. I am sure that there are other methods of splitting the audio which can be found by searching the interent, maybe even a box that will do it for you.
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