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    how do I go about obtaining cartons for my Tannoy Stirling speakers?

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    • nutty007
      Nigel67 Hi nutty007. I noticed that you have also sent us a support ticket (CAS-450304-X3H4Q9). I have passed this on to our Spares team and someone from there will get back to you with availability and pricing. Many thanks
      • May 2
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    Hi, everyone, I am a HiFi speaker enthusiast that have by chance posessed a pair of Klark Teknik Jade 2 active monitoring speaker cabinet set.  I am in the process of restoring the sets.  I have already have all the brand new Dynaudio speakers components (Tweeters, Mid Range, and Sub-woofers). I would like to exchange knowledge with anyone who owned or produced the speakers.  I still have some questions to settle before I put them on.  Can anyone share some info with me to restore this vintage Klark Teknik Jade 2 high end active monitoring speaker sets.  Thank you!

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      Dale_M Hi there they used to be made in Kidderminster but I am afraid we cannot share schematics with you. However do any of them exhibit any faults? We may be able to advise.
      • Apr 30
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    Hello, I'm looking for any advice regarding cabinets for a pair of 1978 Tannoy dual concentric 15” speakers. Hoping to house them in 300L cabinets. Thanks in advance.

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    • OctaveShift
      Nigel67 Hi, I think that you will probably find the link below helpful. They have a lot more information than we do from this era and people have made their own cabinets. They also have a forum that you could join and ask questions. I hope this is helpful.
      • Tue at 10:22 AM
      • 1978 Tannoy dual concentric 15” speakers - 300L cabinets
        Emanuel12 Thank you for your response Nigel67. I'll be sure to check out the site. From a quick glance, it looks like it will be very helpful. Thanks again.
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        • Wed at 2:18 AM