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    Everyone should know the level of ineptitude that exists in this company. I have been trying for nearly 4 months to simply order replacement parts. I was just informed via email that they were never ordered! I have been without an entire touring system for months because of this issue and now this! As an industry veteran of over 35 years, I have never encountered a company who cares any less than this one. it's really quite pitiful!

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    Given a venue of 100 people outdoor, like in a park, which one is better? Putting 1x PK115A at 1 corner, or putting 2x PK110A at 2 corners?

    Well, you can extrapolate this into 2x PK115A at 2 corners vs 4x PK110A at 4 corners

    Quick Specs Comparison

    Output - 800 W
    Woofer - 15" (386 mm) LF driver
    Tweeter - 1" (25.5 mm) HF compression driver


    Output - 320 W
    Woofer - 10" (255 mm) LF driver,
    Tweeter - 1" (25.5 mm) HF compression driver

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    I just bought this and I have never used PA system before. So I thought that this simple system is good place to start.

    I got this 3 pages long connecting quick guide with it and I was able to connec speakers and my bass to that and get sound out. Then I was able to connect my iPhone to it and able to play something out. 

    But there is mp3 player. That does not work. I tried FAT32 stick, not even a light. FAT16 green light came and even strted to flash, but still no sound. I also pushed 7/8 mp3 button. But it did not help.

    I wish someone made simple video how to use this PA in every way.

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