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    Not getting any signal with a recently purchased BA 19A Boundary Mic, i've tried different leads and different interfaces/pre-amps but nothing is working (phantom power is on too) am i doing something wrong or is the mic faulty?



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    • DominicJoseph
      Nigel67 Hi Dominic. If your mixer is supplying 48V to the microphone, then it should work. If it is within 30 days of purchase, then contact the shop you purchased the mic from and ask for a DOA replacement, otherwise if over 30 days, please click on the support tab at the top of the page, scroll down the new page and submit a service ticket. A colleague will then get back to you.
      • Jan 3
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    Could someone please share what compatible clips are available (either by Musictribe or 3rd Party) for the CB-100 Mic?

    I'd like to use for tom tom drums and also sax.  At present, without a clip, this mic is not useful.

    refered to here: 

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    • DanielPaine
      DavidKnighton Hello Dr,
      I would look into any of the DPA mic clips, or might even try the Shure A56D. Can't guarantee, but that's where I would start looking.
      • Jan 5
      • Behringer CB-100 Mic Clips
        DanielPaine Thanks for info David.

        Whilst a Shure A56D can clamp to the drum, it still requires some form of clip that attaches this to the mic.
        DPA mic clips are unfortunately only bespoke to DPA microphones.

        The CB-100 is similar to the Thomann Ovid range, but not exact. Their range of clips cover most orchestra instruments. It would be good to have an equivalent set for the Behringer mic. If to suggest using the Ovid Clips I may as well use the their mic to insure compatibility. Having clip options from Behringer could really expand the mics usability.
        • Jan 6