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    Hi there! 


    Just recently bought a brand new duplicator footpedal to use in my live singing events. I also bought the MP 75 Mic to use with it and at my sound check today the two paired together sounded incredible - but the button on the microphone won't activate the effects like it's supposed to and I was forced to use the foot pedal. After entire day of trying to update the firmware - VoiceSupport says it's at the latest version finally but is there something else I'm supposed to do in order to get the mic to work as it should with this pedal?

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    • KrisCarrasco

      Hi there, Mic Control allows you to control the effect's on/off status via an MP-75 microphone.
      Press and hold the footswitch while powering up the unit to toggle Mic Control.
      Note that when using a condenser microphone, Mic Control should be disabled to
      prevent unwanted on/off switching. -Can you advise this is what you are doing?

      • Jul 6
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    Hey there, 

    I've a question and I believe the smart and acknowledge brains will know the answer..

    I just bought the TC-HELICON: Vocal live play. I recommend to buy a mic that the button on/off replaced by button that can CONTROL the library (if I far from the machine). 

    They recommend the mic PM 75, which cost more than hundred, but the guy said this mic discontinued. However, he recommended the PM 78 that cost half. 

    I'm little bit confused. The first cost more than $100 but discontinued, the newest cost $ half. 

    Any idea or recommended? 

    (I'm singing at home only, and not in the shower, it's not good). ?

    Thank you all. 

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    • Kfir
      DavidKnighton Hello Kfir,
      I am not seeing model MP-78 on the TC Helicon website. Perhaps you are inquiring for a different model? As far as pricing is concerned, different models come with different features, which ultimately drives the cost. Also with recent distribution changes, the cost to consumers has come down a bit. Considering these things, it's not uncommon for different models to have different costs.
      • Jul 12