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    How can I connect the High-Performance 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless System with 2 Handheld Microphones and Dual-Mode USB Receiver (ULM202USB) to my network stereo receiver Onkyo TX-8270?

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    • vitaliyl75
      RexBeckett Hello Vitaliy, the ULM202USB receiver is supported by some Behringer products but does not have a general-purpose output. I think that the only way to connect it to your sound system would be to use one of the small analogue mixers that support it. Examples: Q1204USB or QX1204USB.
      • Jan 3
      • needed an information
        vitaliyl75 Maybe I am able to plug it in USB port of my receiver?
        • Jan 3
      • needed an information
        RexBeckett It will work when plugged into a PC/Mac USB port but I doubt that your receiver will support it. I believe that the USB port on the Onkyo TX-8270 only supports music playback from USB storage devices (memory sticks).
        • Jan 3