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    I have received the new Behringer 921 VCO and found the audio levels from the main outputs very low (ca 0.5V). It goes for all the main waveforms (sine, tri, pulse etc). And accross the entire frequency range.

    The aux output curiously has a 5V output level, which makes a huge difference in mixing.

    It seems very odd and I wonder if it is a faulty unit or what.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Note: There is no appropriate category for this.

    Category should be: "Modular equipment" or "Synthesizer module" or something...

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  • 2020-10-08

    My Model D analog synth was working completely fine the other day and out of nowhere it shut off. The overload button is blinking when the unit is turned on and connected to my computer, but no sound is coming out. The volume is turned up halfway on the hardware itself, all my settings are correct in Ableton. Did I break it by distorting it too much or clicking a wrong button? 

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    • Chris Nixon
      Jason Brewer Hello Chris - The unit may need service but also may need just a deeper dive. Please click on the support tab above to make a tech support ticket. We can look at repair possibility and do some deeper trouble shooting.
      • Oct 8