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    Hey all,

    I just updated M32 edit to 4.2 and it is ridiculously slow to respond. I have Mojave 10.14.6 OS. How can I revert back to M32 Edit 4.1? My M32
    R console is at v4.04.1. Or is there another solution to my dilema?




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    Quick one: Does the Behringer WING have timecode support and if, also support for external timecode sources?

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    I really enjoy the very flexible user interface of the WING by putting the channels on the available layers. Using the "View" Button I also use the possibility to have the same channel available on different layers in order to make the fader readily available no matter which layer is activated. Another nice feature (using he "View" Button) is that I can have a "send to fader" (e.g. a send to bus N with effect XYZ) next to the "normal" fader for a channel.

    What I am looking for right now ist to create a fader that applies to one of the send levels to MAIN1 to MAIN4. To give you an idea what I want: We use MAIN1 for our site and MAIN2 for the livestream. Let's imagine a speaker on Channel X that most of the time is routed to MAIN1 and MAIN2 but in specific situations we only want to route to MAIN1. I can turn down or shut off the "send to MAIN2" in the GUI but it would be easier to have Fader A for "send level of Channel X to MAIN1" and Fader B for "send level of Channel X to MAIN2".

    I hope you can follow my (weird?) train of thought. Any ideas on how to implement this?



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    Report, I could nof find my old post anymore, but I thing it is helpful.

    Since I could not find the right way to set up how to control a Behringer X-Air with a Behringer BCF2000 on one forum, I wrote the steps down. I own a Behringer X18 (firmware 1.17) and a BCF2000 (firmware 1.10). I have tested it on those devices. Probably it will work on the others mixers and the BCR2000


    Setup X-air

    In the X Air Edit app: Setup > Audio/Midi> switch off DIN Rx and Din Tx.

    Connect the BCF2000 with 2 midi cables Mini-in to Midi out and Midi-out to Midi-in

    Switch off the BCF2000

    Hold the top button second from left. (Other Mackie modes will also work.)

    Switch on the BCF2000

    Rotate the most left rotary knob to S-4 (standalone mode)

    Press the Exit knob

    The leds at Midi-In and Midi-B will flash contently

    When moving a fader Midi-A will flash.


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    FLOW 8 Firmware Update
    V11739 - (15 February 2021)

    This major firmware update introduces new USB modes and routing options. It adds parametric EQ control and a snapshot scope to
    load parameters selectively.

    Behringer is constantly adding new features and making enhancements so that you always experience
    the best possible performance. To make use of the latest features and improvements, we recommend
    installing the latest firmware, driver and app versions, always.


    The firmware update 11739 for FLOW 8
    works with remote app FLOW MIX 1.2 and Windows ASIO/WDM driver version 5.0.

    Firmware 11739 is introducing a new memory structure.
    * Snapshots stored on the hardware will be deleted!
    * Snapshots previously stored in the App’s SNAPSHOT LIBRARY can still be used.

    This new FLOW Firmware version contains:
    • New USB mode
    1. Streaming/Recording (switches between 2x4 and 10x4 USB config)
    2. Up to 4 channel USB playback (USB OUT 1/2, USB OUT 3/4)

    • New routing options
    1. USB 1/2 can be routed to CH 5/6
    2. USB 3/4 can be routed to CH 7/8
    3. USB 1/2 or USB 3/4 can be directly routed to MONITOR SEND 1/2 TRS output

    • Option to stereo link MON1/2

    • Option to change headphone output
    1. MAIN-Mix, pre- or postfader
    2. MON1/2-Mix, pre- or postfader

    • Option to send FX to MAIN and/or MON buses

    • Snapshot scope for selectively loading channel settings, effects, routing, MAIN- and MON-Mixes

    • Fully parametric control of GAIN, FREQ and WIDTH in 4-band and 9-band EQs

    • Option to transfer the current mixer state via MIDI Sysex

    • Optional -10dbV output level for MAIN and MON outputs, e.g. when used with DSLR cameras

    • Output delays 0…340 ms for time alignment in live sound or video production

    All information in this document is subject to change without any further notice.

    Update Process:
    To update FLOW 8 to the latest firmware please use the SimplyPUT update tool. SimplyPUT is available
    for Mac, Windows and Linux and can be downloaded from the FLOW 8 product page at
    1. Please make sure you have installed the latest USB-Driver, which is available on the FLOW 8
    product page!
    2. Connect FLOW 8 to your computer using the USB Type B socket
    3. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
    4. Launch Application
    SimplyPUT will detect FLOW 8 and search for the latest firmware available on the server
    SimplyPUT will always preselect the latest version available
    5. Select UPDATE
    SimplyPUT will start transferring the new firmware to the hardware using the installed USB-Driver
    After a successful update, FLOW 8 will indicate the new Firmware-Version and reboot automatically

    1. Connect FLOW 8 to your computer using the USB Type B socket
    2. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
    3. To launch application please use rightclick (CTRL+Click) and select Open.
    Select Open on the upcoming pop up again
    SimplyPUT will detect FLOW 8 and search for the latest firmware available on the server
    SimplyPUT will always preselect the latest version available
    4. Select OPEN
    This will enable the DFU-Mode on the hardware.
    Recognisable by a red display on the hardware showing the current installed Firmware-Version.
    5. Select UPDATE
    Simply Put will start flashing the new firmeware to the hardware
    After a successful update FLOW 8 will indicate the new Firmware-Version and reboot automatically

    Android App:

    iOS App:

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    Instantly makes your WING ready for integration into current Dante/AES67 installations, ensuring reliable sound in large venues such as convention centers, churches or concert halls using standard Ethernet switches.

    List Price: $499

    #Behringer #WINGDANTE #Mixers #Digital #ExpansionCard
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    I saw that module part not activated now.

    When this optional board provided, WING's audio network ( MODULE in ROUTE page ) activated

    simultaniously using WING LIVE ( SD REC ).

    WHEN CAN I MEET this option board ? ^^

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    • pilgrims1
      GaryHiggins I will be a while, the W-Dante card has not yet been delivered and it will be after that. If I were a guesser ,and I am...I would say it's at least a year away. Hope not but that's my guess. I think you will see an option to buy the Wing itself with it pre installed FIRST, at a premium of course. This card requires it to be installed by a service center NOT user installable.
      • Thu at 2:16 PM
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    Thanks great WING console.

    but... I found that SHOW CNTRL section is blank.

    When can I using this section with detail show ( snapshot ) control functions.... ??

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    • pilgrims1
      Paul_Vannatto The show management features are still in development. Yes it is being worked on. No ETA at this point.
      • Thu at 7:16 AM
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    I'm thinking about purchasing the Behringer Wing for my church. I was told that the Wing has or had a "ghost touching" issue and that owners had to return the console for replacement of the screen. Have all the conoles currently available for sale been fixed or will I have to return my console (if I buy one) as well? Is there a way of knowing that the console i want to purchase has been updated?

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    • BHarris69
      GaryHiggins I would buy from Sweetwater and request they test it before they send it, they are a retailer that will do this. They do not want to replace it either. Also they are THE major (only) us distributor so that is a good thing for avoiding this issue. Supposed to be no specific serial number sequences related to having the bad screen. The early releases were the culprits.
      • Tue at 7:00 PM
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    Am I missing something?  I can't find any way to export snapshots or channel presets from the console library directly to a USB drive like on the X32.  The only bulk method available appears to be setting the console in data drive mode and connecting a laptop via USB to read/write the folder structure.  Otherwise, it looks like I'd have to manually recall then re-save items onto the USB drive one-by-one

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    • GeorgeDougherty
      Paul_Vannatto Hi George, what firmware are you using? If it is the latest, when you are in the Library, load the desired snapshot. Then up at the top is a USB icon. Select that and save to the USB stick. I use this all the time. They are working on a better show/scene management. But it may be some time before it is ready.
      • Tue at 6:12 PM
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