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    I'm using my live setup - Midas Pro1 and DN9650 over Dante KT64 - now in the studio. 
    How can I record a single channel with a microphone connected to the Pro1 and at the same time send an audio file from the Daw to the Pro1? I can't find ways of flexibly routing the signals. The Pro1 works in Normal or Tape return mode, but with all channels simultaneously...this is fine for multitrack recording not for studio recording.
    Any solution? Many thanks
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    WING Firmware UpdateVersion 1.09


    The console 1.09 firmware update offers some functional improvements and new features. The highlights of this update are the new Midas Sub Monster Effect and new assignment screens for DCAs and MGRP. Besides a new Tab-View, the routing screens provide new features like indication of all connected AES50 and StageCONNECT devices. This update also offers some UI improvements like PRE-Tap indication on the channel home screen or metering for the WING Live Recorder/Player and some general Bug fixes.


    It is sensible to periodically check for new firmware updates. New features and bug fixes will be released regularly. Our development team is eager to react to customer suggestions and to amaze you with improvements and new features. Visit the WING product page on to download the latest firmware, install the update and enjoy the full potential of your WING.


    This new WING Firmware version contains: New Features

    • Quick channel select from touchscreen (touch the channel number in the upper left corner)
    • PRE-Tap indication and setup on channel home screen
    • Midas Sub Monster Effect
    • Optional channel metering for WING Live Recorder/Player• Indication of connected AES50 and StageCONNECT devices (ROUTING)
    • Enable DCAs to control monitor levels (rename DCA to ‘MON A’, ‘MON B’, or ‘MON LVL’ (both))
    • Advanced Source-Scope for channel presets
    • Tap-View for customization, naming and tags
    • Delay for 48V switch (hold for on/off)
    • New DCA/MGRP assignment screen (touch assignment overview)
    • Option to disable jogwheel during playback



    • New StageCONNECT configuration (ROUTING)
    • Indication of available USB Streams (ROUTING)
    • Fixed issue with fader recall in SoF Mode
    • Fixed low frequency distortion wth SOUL 9000 Gate and EVEN 88 GATE
    • Immediate switch for different USB Audio configurations (No enumeration on boot)
    • Fixed routing enable switch

    Update Process:

    1. Connect a USB cable to the rear panel USB port and to your computer.
    2. Either hold the blank button on the main display during power-up or open the SETUP/GENERAL Edit page in order to enable WING OS.
    3. A drive icon will appear on your computer, like connecting a flash drive or external hard drive. Double click the drive to open.
    4. Extract the firmware zip file and drag/copy the new firmware file into the WING OS drive.
    5. After copying is completed, please eject the WING OS drive from your computer.
    6. WING should reboot automatically a few seconds after ejecting the drive. If it doesn’t, please power cycle the console, and verify the correct firmware version on the left of the SETUP/GENERAL screen.

    Alternative Update from USB Stick:

    1. Download any future FW updates from and store it on a FAT formatted USB stick.
    2. Connect the USB stick to the top panel USB port of WING.
    3. Open the SETUP/GENERAL page and tap on the UPDATE icon on the left of the screen.
    4. A file browser will appear on the screen, and you can navigate to where the fw update is located.
    5. Select the correct FW update file and tap on UPDATE.
    6. After installing the update is completed, you will be prompted to reboot the console.
    7. The console can be rebooted by power cycling, or by selecting SETUP/SHUTDOWN and holding the SETUP button while pressing the HOME button.
    8. Verify the update was successful by comparing the firmware version on the left of the SETUP/GENERAL screen.

    Note, WING will always boot using the most recent firmware in the OS drive. However, it is recommended to delete older firmware files or move them to a subfolder

    Download here:

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  • 2020-11-10
    With two Midas microphone preamps and internal 32 VFP-Processing, FLOW 8 joins the X32, X-Air and WING series of
    digital mixing consoles.

    Whether you’re a singer, songwriter, small ensemble, teacher or presenter, gamer, podcaster or video blogger, producing at home or playing live in bars, café houses or in the streets, when practicing or performing… FLOW 8 will ensure impeccable audio quality and help you create amazing sound with ease.

    Best of all – FLOW 8 Digital Mixers are available in our partner stores around the globe as of today!
    All for an amazing list price of 199 Euro.

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    I have not been using my Wing for a while, however saw the 1.09 update and decided to take it for a spin.  Really like this update.  To test it I loaded some tracks into the Wing.  Everything is going well except for in my drums.  I have 8 drum channels bussed to bus 1 and bus 2.  Bus 1 is my clean drums where I eq the overall drums.  I know this is going to sound crazy but I'm using a C5-Combinator to EQ my drums.  Bus 2 is my spank where I compress the drums.  When I mix bus 1 and 2 together I get a phasing sound.  I suspect due to the audio being delayed in bus 1 by the C5.  To fix this I added a C5 to bus 2.  My question is this suppose to happen?  Does the Behringer Wing have time compensation that is suppose to fix this or is it on the engineer?  If it is on the engineer is there a way to add delay to a bus (without burning an FX slot)?



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    Need help anyone know a repair shop

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    • David DeWolf
      David Knighton Hello David DeWolf,
      To obtain service info, please hit the SUPPORT link at the top of the page and submit a ticket for SERVICE REQUEST. Our Service team will advise you options for repairs based on your region.
      • 1 hour ago
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    I'm using Midas M32R and I'm trying to route Bus7/8 to Dante input 15/16. All my other channels are working fine 1-12 into Dante 1-12. I can't seem to find the bus routing in M32R to route it to dante input. Anyone has any idea? Thanks



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    Hi all,

    I have my main DAW (ableton) output going to usb returns 1/2 on my XR18, and along with my guitar amp and live vocal, this will be the main mix going to my live stream for listeners. However, I have a click track on my personal montiro mix in ableton that I've routed to USB return 9/10 on the xr18. I'd like to route that, along with my guitar and vocal to the headphone output. Is that possible? I have messed around quite a bit but am thinking my only option will be to use one of the busses with a physical aux output to my headphones. I still want to be able to hear the main mix in my phones if I want to switch to it, so I may need to get some sort of monitor switch to put both into and that way I can switch between the two. 

    If there's some simple solution for this, I will be greatful!


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    • R C
      R C I just found that I can go to the Monitor section and change the source, it's just in a different place.
      • Mon at 9:51 PM
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    dont have a photo wouldnt let me put it here


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    Can I change how channels are shown on the iPad in the X32 Software?

    I.e, can the first channels on the view be e.g MixBus1 MixBus2 Ch1 Ch2 Ch3. etc ....




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    Our mute groups had been well behaved.  We assigned a bus for a streaming audio feed (#7) and the mute groups were following the main mute groups for that bus as well.  Now something has changed and the main mute groups still work, however the bus has channels that remain muted on bus #7 when they are on to the main outs.

    I understand the setting of the regular mute groups for the main outs, what is the process for setting the mute groups on the bus?  Do I have a mute override somewhere on the board that is keeping these channels muted?  Mark me down as confused.

    Any help is greatly appreciated...Thanks,


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    • Al Hil
      Gary Higgins Do you have DCA mutes or Hard mutes checked off in the mixer mute system setup pages by any chance? Normally these are NOT checked. In which case a muted DCA group will mute its participating ch's only at FOH but not in the buses. It's the workaround for muting FOH ch's but still keeping the bus ch's live. If DCA mutes IS checked off then the participating ch's of a mute group will be muted at FOH and in the buses if that mute group is muted.
      • Nov 21
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