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    Here is my review of the excellent flight case made by Santosom for the Wing.

    bought this for our band GaTe217 gigs as well as other PA Work, the rest if the time, the Wing sits in our rehearsal place.




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    Might need a DNS entry on network and allow for manual server specification.  Could auto-fill with  I know many won't have internet connection available, but for installed consoles it would be great for the clock to auto-adjust to clock.  I use the clock on the console as my clock especially since it shows seconds.  I can manually adjust it, but the console is on a power sequencer and appears to drift by several seconds a week. 

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    ich habe das problem, dass die Hauptlautstärke in windows bei meinem go Xlr mini sehr leise ist. Was kann da falsch laufen? Danke für Eure Hilfe.



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    After 3 years of use suddenly today my XR12 Is Not Connecting To The Mixer Software on my Laptop... Could it be windows or Macfee blocking?
    I have tried 3 different laptops and the the mixer is not generating a SSID signal during rescan. So no connection is happening. I am having problems connecting XR12 To software laptop. Purchased June 5 2017 and the unit has had minimum hours of use in my home studio. Watch the video and Any solutions offered would be appreciated. Currently ver 1.6 Firmware since mixer is not connected I cannot update firmware to 1.7

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    Hi all , first timer here (total noob) I've recently purchased this mixer but am struggling to find anything that has tips for some of the features eg the fx etc , any help.would be great , even of its just showing me where to find some videos / blogs on it , thanks ?

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    I had several Items on order with Starin. Where do I buy now?

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    WING Copilot 1.4 Release – Phase 4

    The Copilot app supports different types of live or studio work, either when an engineer is away from the console or when tasks are split with others.

    Phase 1. Performance Setup:

    This section is especially tailored to the activities during setup and line-check. Prepare all Sources and Outputs while patching signals to I/O boxes on stage. Sources can be named, tagged, given a color or an icon. Sources also own the head-amp properties such as gain or phantom power.

    Phase 2. Metering:

    Additional metering can be displayed on your iPad next to your console touchscreen. It includes levels of all Sources, Channels and Outputs and an RTA that can follow the selected channel or be assigned to a fixed signal path.

    Phase 3. Monitor Mixing:

    The Monitor Mixing UI provides the essential parameters of personalized monitoring applications. In addition to individual channel sends, this section also provides an MCA view, where several channel sends can be adjusted by a single Mix Control Association. It also offers a lock function to reduce the risk of accidentally selecting the wrong bus.

    Up to 4 MCAs can be given a descriptive name for the associated group of channels, and a color can be selected for additional clarity. Once the channel assignments are made, the MCA sliders can be used to increase or decrease the level of all associated channels.

    Individual channel contributions to the personal mix can still be adjusted on the Mixer tab but dynamic adjustments during performance are easier using the MCA sliders.

    Phase 4. Front of House:

    The FOH section is designed for mixing from within the audience, essential when placing the console in a less than optimal position. Aside from good overview of all fader layers, this section also provides access to the processing of channels, buses, mains and matrices.

    Key Features:

    • Customize all Sources, Channels and Outputs
    • Declare WING Sources as Mono/Stereo/Mid-Side
    • Configure head-amp properties
    • Patch Sources to Channels and Outputs
    • Create and control connections between Channels, Buses, Mains and Matrices
    • Set up and control the Talkback
    • Metering for single Sources, Channels and Outputs
    • Control Monitor-Mixes for IEMs and wedges


    * Requires a wireless router connected to the WING Personal Mixing Console

    * Copilot 1.4 requires WING console firmware V1.10 or higher




    More info on the Behinger WING console:  



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    Hi all!


    I recently started working with the X32 Compact. I'm trying to import the presets from USB that I prepared on the X32 Edit desktop software but that isn't working correctly... I've ensured that the X32 runs the latest firmware and the X32 Edit is also the latest version. I tried uploading a video here on the forum but that isn't working for me so here is a YouTube link of my issue: 

    Can anyone spot or tell what is going wrong? Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


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    • niektb95
      DavidKnighton Hello Niek,
      The problem is that you're not pressing the > arrow key to confirm, you're instead pressing the encoder again. When the confirmation pops up to confirm, make sure you're pressing the > arrow key near the display.
      • 41 minutes ago
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    I'm trying to put a Boss RC-5 stereo looper into sort of an "AUX send" set up so that I can loop any 2 inputs via the AUX 5/6 busses.

    The looper outputs are going to inputs 15/16 and pre recorded loops work fine on the channels.

    However I'm not getting anything into the looper apparently.  I am using XLR to 1/4" cables I got from Amazon.  I put the 1/4" end right into the XR18's inputs 9 and 10 and got no level.  This makes me think the cables are bad or not wired correctly.  I have some other XLR-RCA cables which do work find to my power amp for the main output.

    GND is on 1 and 3 of the XLR while signal is on 2.



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    After a firmware update and factory reset (to version 4.04.1), I'm having two issues I never had before:

    1. I'm getting a ton of static through the headphone monitor jack

    2. I can't get any of the aux inputs to work. I've used these heavily in the past, so I'm familiar with the routing setup, I'm using TRS cables from a balanced source (though I've also tried with TS cables and an unbalanced source). I know I'm not getting phase cancellation (I can unplug one of two stereo aux plugs with no difference.) Analog RCA doesn't work either

    My xlr inputs work fine.

    I popped the top from the x32 rack to look for any visible signs/smells, but it looks okay.

    In the meters view, the aux ins never show any signal.

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    • edspuzzle
      Paul_Vannatto 1. Start muting channels, etc. to find out where the static is coming from.
      2. Check the Routing, Aux Out to make sure that they are not set to Insert. Also check the Routing, Input, Aux In Remap to make sure it is still set to what you expect.
      • Jan 15
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