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    Hi there, 


    Just got the MR18 and we love it so far, but it is still new to us.  We control all of our monitor mixes, mostly wireless in-ear, a  powered monitor here and there.  Additionally we like to record our shows to logic, also a pretty easy and power process.  We are trying to figure out our options for when we are bring out our MR18 to a club or even that already has Sound.  We are pretty much maxed out on our Aux sends and can give the mix engineers the LR output, but that is limiting.  Additionally, we are also getting some push back to handing off our tablet and letting them mix the FOH via the app.  Most engineers like their own gear, understandably, and not everyone is on digital gear. So what can we do to get the house sound crew our indivual inputs but still use the MR18 to give us our monitor controls that we like and recordings like we have been making?  I was thinking of some sort of splitter of some sort to send out to any and all sound systems where they can get our inputs, and we can handle our monitors ourselves. But not even sure if they make such products.  Thanks in advance for the help! 

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    • joelittle84
      Paul_Vannatto Yes they do make channel splitters, such as the Art S8, Behringer MS8000, etc. I just picked up 2 used MS8000 for that particular purpose.
      • Sep 6
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    I have been using two SoF busses for a vocal buss and then an instrument buss with its compression side chained to the vocal buss to make room for the vocals when the vocals present themsleves in a busy mix. I also need 6 auxes as monitor mixes. It occurred to me today that I could repourpose two FX busses serve as the other two monitor mixes. I set it up in the GUI but haven't had time to test it out yet. I'm wondering of it would be better to use the FX busses as the vocal/inst busses and keep the native busses on monitor duty. Any suggestions?

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    • DPenn1000
      Paul_Vannatto The problem is that the FX buses are post fader and can't be changed. This will create an issues when repurposing for monitors or submixes. This last weekend I did sound for a Paul McCartney tribute band with 32 inputs (X32 Rack for monitors, Wing for FOH, SD8 and SD16) and did not have to submix vocals and instruments (with sidechain) in order to get the vocals on top of the mix.
      • Sep 5