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    I'm getting mixed information here, so it would be great if you could clear this up.  

    Here is the configuration:

    M32 for FOH (On-Site)  ----   PROVIDED BY VENUE


    M32C and DL32 for Monitors (I carry in rack with IEMs)

    What is the proper routing configuration for both the FOH and Monitor settings?  

    The purpose is to walk in to any venue, and patch in the M32C/DL32 into existing system for IEM and artist control of IEM mixes.

    I want to be able to simply plug in the AES to my rack, and provide monitors for my band.   I don't care about rerouting the outputs for mains or moving inputs to the DL-32 if possible.  If I had a 32 handy, i could figure it out, but I'm trying to prep this for someone else.

    The information I have found is very confusing and contradicts itself many times.


    Thanks in Advance.


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    • ChopperKovach
      Paul_Vannatto The M32C has 2 AES50 ports. If you have connected the DL32 (port A) to the M32C Port A, connect the M32 (FOH) to the B port and transfer all A inputs to the B outputs (using the Routing, AES50 screen). For example, on the Routing, AES50 screen assign the following:
      * AES50 B1-8 Outputs -> AES50 A1-8
      * AES50 B9-16 Outputs -> AES50 A9-16
      * AES50 B17-24 Outputs -> AES50 A17-24
      * AES50 B25-32 Outputs -> AES50 A25-32
      • Apr 20
      • M32C as monitor console AND DL32 for monitor outputs.
        ChopperKovach thanks for your response. Here is my point of confusion. Can I configure this so I don't have to re-route inputs and outputs? Also, more confusion occurs as I am trying to understand the setting you are referring to, but not referencing whether it is my IEM M32C or the FOH M32.
        • Apr 21
    • ChopperKovach
      GaryHiggins You can easily share the inputs with that setup. The DL32 is only one of two stage boxes set up to share its preamps between 2 mixers. Keep your M32C connected to the DL32 A port, you will then retain preamp and monitor mix control and any FOH M32 mixing won’t change your set up or alter your gain settings. Connect the B port from the DL32 to FOH M32. They will then have access to all 32 DL inputs too but only have a digital trim for each input ch. They can boost or cut the trim but that won’t change your actual gain settings. One would have to presume they can connect to their own speaker system from the FOH M32 position. Your system should be independent. What you want may be a lot more trouble if no M32/X32 is at FOH.
      • Apr 20
      • M32C as monitor console AND DL32 for monitor outputs.
        ChopperKovach Thanks for your response. The intent is that regardless of what the FOH console is, I can take a stage split (monitor) and plug it into the DL32 if necessary. Obviously other than a Dante feed. My confusion comes with understanding how I can make the IEM rack (with M32c/DL32) not require reconfiguring from show to show, but if there is a M32 at FOH, just plug it into my rack and not have to worry about reconfiguring the FOH console. I am not using the last 6 outputs of the DL32, so it can either pass signal from FOH, or they can have a separate feed.
        • Apr 21
      • M32C as monitor console AND DL32 for monitor outputs.
        GaryHiggins You would be ok with any x/m32 at foh with the dl32 B port used as I mentioned previously, the DL essentially becomes a splitter by design. Pretty sure you would have to own an analog splitter for use with other manufactures mixers to keep hem out of your kitchen and even then they will surely want some preamp control which might alter your in ear set up when done, Maybe it’s only minimal with luck.
        • Apr 23