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    Olá a todos! Gostaria de uma ajuda pois estou precisando da placa Main Board Behringer X18 porque estou com esse Mixer sem solução aguardando somente essa placa. Teria alguma loja específica para que eu possa comprar?

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    How to repair 

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    • Manno83
      Nigel67 Hi Manno83. What is the problem with the S32 to begin with and I can then offer some advice. Many thanks
      • Aug 14
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    I bought this MR18 from December 2021. It's unstable.

    It's mean at switch on gain is +27db , sound is good then switch off and again at switch on gain is +27db , sound is low !!
    Also FX faders one time -15db are good. Next time switch on FX are not good at -15db but FX at 0db are good !!

    Sometimes I have no signal at all.
    Sometimes the signal is very weak and cannot be heard at the output.

    Sometimes the volume gain is high, sometimes the volume gain is low, no matter how much I increase it, it is still useless
    I also did a factory reset, but it was useless
    There is no difference between any of the inputs, microphone, aux, there is no difference
    As I said, sometimes there is no signal at all.

    The supply of parts is not my problem, it is your problem and you should fix the problem. Otherwise, I will file a legal complaint against you.
    My MR18 has 3 years warranty, so I will come to Dubai next week. Please take my device back and give me a new one.

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    • mhbidadi94
      Nigel67 Hi mhbidadi94. You will need to contact the shop that you purchased the unit from and ask them to repair the unit under warranty. If you would like to talk to our Technical Team with regards to your issue, then please raise a Technical Support ticket. This can be done by clicking on the support tab at the top of the page. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on the Technical Support tab and submit a ticket. Many thanks
      • Jul 25
      • unstable Midas MR18
        mhbidadi94 Hi Nigel67
        I mentioned my MR18 problem to the prolab store and also email [email protected]
        But still none of them gave me any correct answer about which country and which store and to which person I should return the mixer.
        • Jul 25
      • unstable Midas MR18
        Nigel67 You need to contact the store that is on your invoice for when you purchased the unit. Contact them and ask them to repair the unit under warranty.
        • Jul 25
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    How do you monitor with headphones when using a tablet or phone to control an XR18, X32 when in the need of soloing a channel? 

    As it only transfers commands and not audio you have to plug your cans in the mixer or use wireless beltpacks... 

    So I would like to know how do you approach this.

    Thanks in advance to all comments and suggestions.



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    • GizmoG_Álvarez
      Nigel67 Hi GizmoG_Alvarez. You have answered your own question there. If the XR18/X32 is not within a short distance where you can use wired headphones, then your only option would be to go wireless.
      • Jul 24
    • GizmoG_Álvarez
      GizmoG_Álvarez I meant how do people approach this ... They go on RF, use more inexpensive devices...
      • Jul 25
    • GizmoG_Álvarez
      Paul_Vannatto I use to use headphones and solo channels when I used analog consoles. But when I switched over to the X32 Rack, I forced myself to learn to rely on my ears, the meters and the RTA. Same with the X-Air/M-Air consoles.
      • Jul 25
      • Monitoring XR18/ X32 while using tablet/phone
        GizmoG_Álvarez Finding spontaneous crackle, noise... or EQing is a task one should do soloing.
        One can rely on visual information when finding feedback or broad issues, but eqing a voice or similar tasks using visual information is not the right way. That's the way one uses his ears, not looking at what a RTA says.
        • Jul 25
    • GizmoG_Álvarez
      Paul_Vannatto You asked "how do people approach this" and I gave my approach - only to be knocked down.

      As I mentioned, I use to use headphones - they were either on my ears or around my neck. But when I switched to the X32 Rack (Oct 2014), I was forced to adapt, since I fell in love with the freedom of not being tied to a snake. I disagree that to find crackle, noise as well as EQing vocals, drums, etc. requires soloing. Actually it is much better to EQ to the equipment (speakers, etc) and venue ambiance than to cans (headphones).

      I do sound for 60+ events per year (except the pandemic years) using X32 Rack, MR18 or Wing (depending on the event/band/venue) and have learned to rely on this method with great success. It is a learning curve and takes a lot of effort. But it is well worth it in the end.
      • Jul 25