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    I am using an X32 Rack mixter connected to an S16 box.  Normally it connects fine, but suddenly it does not, with an intermittent blinking green AES50 Network light on the S16 unit rather than the solid one I am used to.  The X32 box is working perfectly, but cannot see the S16 as it usually can.  I have tried lots of things, ruled out physical connections as the source, and note that when the refresh rate is changed from 48 kHz to 44.1 kHz on the X32 there is no blinking light.  I have done the usual reads through the manual and the web, and encountered a video solving a similar problem with clock speed changes, but it didn't help me.  Anyone have some advice?  Do I have a bad S16 unit?  Thanks.

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    • jozcomert
      Paul_Vannatto Check to make sure the S16 does not have the SN Master light on. If it does, change the mode to 0 or 1.
      • Nov 12