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    Want to purchase a Midas DP48 monitor system because our band uses the M32r.  However, personally I also own a Behringer XR18 that uses Ultranet instead of AES.  I see in the marketing info that it says that the DP48 works with all Midas and Behringer digital mixers, being that the XR18 is a Behringer digital mixer, I wonder if this is true.  Does anybody have a definite answer to this question as I'd love to use the DP48 with my Behringer XR18 as well.  Thank you!

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    • Johnnyh64
      Paul_Vannatto No the DP48 does not work with the X-Air or M-Air consoles, since they do not have the AES50 (which the DP48 requires)
      • Jul 2
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    I have 6 DP48s and they've been rock solid until last Sunday when we used them. I had some completely drop all signal coming into them. It seemed like 1 worked and the rest dropped out. They eventually reconnected but that's a no-go when you're using a click track. Suggestions?


    My signal chain: Midas M32>AES50B>DP48>DP48>DP48>DP48>DP48>DP48

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    • GregWarren
      GregWarren I did some digging around and found that my firmware was woefully behind on the dp48s. It was 1.5 and I updated to 2.2. My 2 DL16s were 2.4 and I update to 2.5 and my Midas M32 is 4.02 so I think we're good there. I will have practice Wednesday and update if I have more signal loss.
      • Mon at 2:24 PM
    • GregWarren
      Paul_Vannatto Hey Greg, are you using proper AES50 cable (shielded with ethercon ends)?
      • Mon at 4:23 PM
      • Dropout on DP48
        GregWarren I'm running shielded cable but it's not ethercon.
        • Tue at 6:49 AM
    • GregWarren
      Paul_Vannatto Hey Greg, Brian Wynn proved to us (back in 2013) that the ethercon ends are very important in shielding the cable from ESD (electrostatic discharge) which results in AES50 dropouts. So if you have low humidity, this may be the source to your dropouts.
      • Wed at 5:57 AM